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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Colloidal Silver - My New Miracle

“The internal ingestion of properly prepared colloidal silver is a personally empowering act of individual medical responsibility”

How Colloidal Silver Kills Bacteria:

My husband discovered colloidal silver a few months ago and decided we were going to try it. I was wary (as I was with anything new) but I listened as he explained the benefits. There really is no downside to it!
The following is from http://www.energiseforlife.com/.
Enjoy. Remember - once you know, you can't never not know again. :)

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloids are the smallest biological form of any matter. They are small enough to pass through membranes and therefore they skip past the digestive process and are easily absorbed by the body.

There are many benefits of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver supports the natural defence system of the body and is powerfully alkaline. It is created when an electromagnetic process pulls tiny particles of silver from a larger samole of pure silver into (usually distilled) water. The minute electric charge on each atom holds these silver particles in suspension. This is essential to the effectiveness of the silver as it allows the particles to move more easily throughout the body.

Another benefit is that colloidal silver has been recognised as a powerful, natural antibiotic. Research has shown that it works by acting as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that single-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses require for the metabolism of oxygen. This then suffocates the invading cell whilst doing no harm to any human enzymes, resulting in the removal of disease-causing organisms from the body.

It also works through the negative charge on the silver clusters binding up with the positive charge on the germ/bacteria. This causes an interruption of the germs biological function which means that it is then unable to reproduce.

The History of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has long been the subject of hot debate in medical circles. In the 19th Century, colloidal silver was used prominently to treat all manner of illness and disease ranging from skin infections to common colds. This common use continued until 1983, when the FDA started its long and heavy oppression against the use of medicinal silver. Arguably its disdain for silver's use in medicine came from the threat that it poses to the highly lucrative antibiotics industry. Up until recently, any silver-based products had to be classified as a pre-1938 drug. However, now that the FDA has begun to approve of medicinal silver, more and more products are emerging.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has been reputed by various studies to be able to kill over 650 micro-organisms. Please be aware, that this does not mean that taking colloidal silver will cure diseases that can be caused by such germs - the human body is a very complex system which works within a number of different environments and systems.

Nonetheless, it has been reported to be effective in fighting against: acne, AIDS, allergies, arthritis, athletes foot, boils, burns, candida, cystitis, diabetes, eczema, hay fever, indigestion, parasitic infections, psoriasis, ringworm, warts and yeast infections.

It can be used either orally or topically. When taken orally you can either place droplets directly under the tongue or it can be put into water and drink. Silver is often used topically by spraying onto cuts, burns, skin infections or acne.

Here's a little blurb I grabbed from http://www.colloidalsilver101.com/. Feel free to check them out. To save you time, I added the excerpt here.

Circa 1928- the FDA was created:

Americans were told it was for their protection. It wasn't really.

1975- FDA Approved silver drugs were taken off the market.

Americans had used these 112 patented silver containing concoctions for nearly 50 years but now we are told they are dangerous.

Fact: These drugs were taken off of the market because a Physician invented the electro-colloidal method of manufacturing.

This electro-colloidal method lets you make colloidal silver safely.

It is the method used by everyone in the colloidal silver industry today.

Those drugs were only removed to make you think there were colloidal silver dangers ...in order to scare us away from today's safe silver.

Previously, silver was pummeled, crushed, knocked to pieces with sonic waves, vaporized by huge amounts of electricity or chemically dissolved. These large silver particles were mixed with toxic substances in order to obtain a patent which is crucial if you want to sell product at high prices.

The old toxic mixtures caused silver to be retained by the body.

Today’s 3-500 PPM –vs- 70,000-190,000 PPM of yesteryear

Old silver solutions were officially 7-19% in strength or Parts Per Million; thousands of times the strength of today’s much refined, light reflecting, yellow colored electro-colloidal silver solutions. Also those silver particles were hundreds of times larger in size, making the drugs a murky gray.

People who could afford the high-priced silver medicines of the past were put at risk by the very agency in which they placed their trust!

The FDA and AMA have literally produced and brought forward a couple of dozen gray skinned people. Almost all of them, including the reluctantly famous Rosemary got that way from taking the previously Approved toxic drugs the FDA has now pulled from the market at the behest of the Pharmaceutical houses who stand to lose billions. Rosemary mentions CSP, or colloidal silver protein. The protein being albumin, or egg white.

You see, the Drug-thugs had to do something to keep those enormous silver particles in suspension. Every one of those old-style silver-containing drug concoctions they made had some toxic chemical added - so they could patent it. Naturally occurring minerals in water are not patentable...and that is what colloidal silver is.

There are a few people that have managed to give themselves silver toxicity from taking their own improperly made colloidal silver.

Now even that is shown to be fully reversible. Agryria is curable!

Colloidal Silver Dangers- Argyria Defined:

Silver’s scientific abbreviation is Ag-in old Europe it was called argent. Agryria is the cosmetic condition caused by ingesting large colloids.

The FDA and AMA would have you believe argyria is incurable, although Physicians from the 1920s offered two remedies that we’re aware of.

Another recent, more expensive allopathic A.M.A.-type remedy is supposed to be only partially effective. One woman’s doctor says it doesn’t work -though it is in the medical journals.

You are safe now, because you are about to know the secret:

Colloidal silver dangers cured:

Argyria is a thing of the past. You will protect yourself by never drinking toxic colloids of silver because they will not flush from your body.

It is ironic that the man often considered the Grand-daddy of all colloidal silver marketers contracted argryria from improperly made colloids. Now he has come out of the closet…

…He has cured his Argyria! Now he wants you to know the truth.

Electro-colloidal silver

Particles are now broken off pure silver using the electro-colloidal method. This tiny particle is always at the atomic level- so uniform in size that the amount of silver broken off per hour with electricity is used as the measure for scientifically describing and defining the ampere. Perhaps you remember the Amp? It’s the unit of measurement for electricity.

Hundreds of thousands have been ridding themselves of ailments. Electro-colloidal silver has been proved safe for use since 1975.

However you must learn to make it properly. If not you’ll need this:

Selenium supplementation

Selenium acts as a chelating agent for larger silver particles. It helps oversized silver colloids to be flushed from the body. Learn not to make colloidal silver with large particles to begin with and you’ll be totally safe

Toxic reactions to colloidal silver

The other seemingly legitimate colloidal silver danger -if you can call it that- is a side effect known as a Herxheimer’s reaction. This happens if you are Environmentally Ill, or have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Easy does it. Start with small doses and you'll have no problem.

Atoms of silver are nature’s antibiotic.

Colloidal silver kills disease organisms. It will also kill parasites by killing their eggs. Too much of a good thing will force some individuals into a weakened state as their body deals with the die-off of the organisms killed by colloidal silver. A couple of days of lethargy could result.

This reaction may be expected if taking pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Oh! Almost forgot: One moment please…as we pause for a note of personal protection:

This is for informational use only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any existing condition. It has not been reviewed by the Foods and Drug Administration as having any value and is not intended to treat or cure any disease. See your physician for that.

You feel protected now, right? While people everywhere are trying to assist you in your health concerns- they are stifled and even forcibly stopped by an agency that refuses to follow the laws of the land. How can this be? Why is it so, and what can be done? That’s another page.

You my friend must make up your own mind -which you ultimately do anyway. Only this time you have opened yourself to information from somewhere other than that which comes from a clearly rogue agency of Drug Thugs acting in concert with the Pharmaceutical conglomerates. Congratulations!

I've used colloidal silver internally for about 3 months and I feel phenominal. I have energy like crazy yet I noticed my skin was slow to improve (although it was). So, being the impatient wench that I can be, I decided to scrub my face with it. I hadn't read anything about using it topically and hubby wasn't sure, but I figured I was already scarred - what was it going to do? Erase my face??

The first day I scrubbed with colloidal silver on a cloth - just small areas. My skin (and the yuckies that were in it) sloughed off immediately! Some parts were tougher to get (whatever this was really lodged itself in there!) - so I utilized Vitamin E and Colloidal Silver repeatedly.....for HOURS.

I would start in the morning - my face had red patches - like dense meat covered in dead skin. I looked horrible and that felt way worse because I didn't want to leave the house looking that way! I had localized pain in my face where this skin issue was. It drove me batty. I like to think I'm a positive peson, but "Trading Faces" was definitely a consideration for me by this point. I was desperate.

The colloidal silver not only unwedged this 'issue' from my face and immediately removed the pain, it also rejuvanated my skin - it was smooth and the redness left as soon as I would slough off some of the yuckies. I was floored.

Actually, I was floored. I spent the first hour after initially using colloidal silver just sitting on the floor reading a book hubby had picked up on the subject. It was a miracle to me.

I scrubbed my face that first day for 4 hours straight. Yes - I said it. You would think that my skin would be rubbed raw.....and when I had previously used other solutions, it was BLAZING red and so sore I couldn't continue scrubbing.

Now, before we go any further let me clear something up (besides my skin!) - I was diagnosed with 'delusional parasitosis.' That means that some putz doctor (I would LOVE to give you his name but I fear I would then be whisked away for slander or liable so I shall refrain) told me that HIS diagnosis of me after a 3 minute consultation was that I believed there were 'parasites' or 'bugs' living in my skin. He told me (did not explain....told me) that there was no such thing as parasites.
What the hell is ringworm, tapeworm and pinworm then??? Y'see what I'm dealing with here?

First off, I never said, "Hey - I think I have bugs coming out of my skin." I merely said I had an issue!

He told me to see a psychotherapist. Yuh. Right. Thanks, Dr. Evil!! Had I gone that route, I'm not sure where I would have been today. My mall town doctor (who has been fired from 'taking care of me') suggested I see the psychotherapist because clearly I needed one. It would be good for me. No doubt, but it wasn't going to solve my skin issue!

We're still not sure what the issue actually is.....but it's soon going to be a NON issue. My face has never reacted this way to ANYTHING medically prescribed. It has never been clearer....although I did have to scrub for hours, I could have just kept drinking it with the same effects. I needed clear skin FAST- and I'm getting it! I will post a "Before and After Colloidal" photo after the skin is completely healed. It is much, much improved!! trust me - it will be a horrible photo of me, but you'll see exactly what I mean!

I trust colloidal silver - with everything I am. The FDA.....well....not so much.

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