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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shopping for Organic Oddballs

It's tough - near impossible in the frigid winters of Canada and living in a small town. Fruits and veggies are very costly (about $4.99 for one cauliflower) and it gets frustrating! The frustration comes when you feel completely lost - every label has something you can't pronounce, read or understand. Not everything is good for us - in fact, most things in cans or processed foods aren't good for us at all!

Hubby is amazing - have I said that already? He discovered this handy shopping list assistant online. You simply print it off and take it to the grocery store with you - then you have a go-to when you get that lost feeling.

Feel free to pass it on - it's a great help!!

Click each of the sections below to open it up in a new window, right click and save to your desktop. Then you can print it when you have the time. Enjoy!

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