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Friday, May 14, 2010

So Much to Explain.......

I realized as I sat down this morning to post here that I have so much to explain about the journey so far, yet I can't seem to shove it all in one post. I want to share information - simple, easy information so that everyone can understand what is going on with me - and how it could potentially be going on with you. Don't take my word for it - your ailments speak volumes. I needn't say a word. I don't want anyone to change their lifestyles or ways of eating if they don't want to. I'm positive I wouldn't have - but I got sick, and given the choice between eating raw foods (for the most part) and death.....I'll change any day!

Here is a point form rundown on everything that has gone on:

1.> I started by not having any idea what was wrong with me....skin issues.....low energy and no answers from the medical community that resulted in healing.

2.> The skin issue and 90 pound weight loss without dieting became the two main reasons to continue to seek help from the medical field. We later learned the dietary changes and elimination of prescriptions/toxins caused this naturally!

3.> Numerous antibiotics, creams (antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral) all failed and created a 'carrier' to spread the skin issue faster. I lost part of an eyebrow (grew back - phew!) and my eyes started swelling when I applied makeup to my face or went out in the sun.

4.> Sought out a naturopath recommended by someone. He tested me for allergies (gluten, wheat, sugar, etc) and suggested a nutritional plan to detox heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and numerous other toxins from my body. My husband and I (overnight) removed all 'bad' stuff from our kitchen and replaced it with raw whole foods.

5.> The first 2 months of the raw food made me feel very weak and low in energy. I stopped working to get my body healthy. I stopped all carbonated drinks, meat (ok....once a month I MIGHT eat meat now...but not factory farm meats) and juiced a lot.

6.> Attempted to get someone from the medical community to 'test' a couple of very large tissue samples that my body pushed out of my leg and lower back. I had invested in an herbal salve - meant to remove carcinoma (skin cancer). We weren't sure what I had, so testing it was a total fluke.

It does not touch healthy tissue (we tried it), but removes toxins from your body if they are present. This stuff worked WONDERS! I had two quarter sized areas about 3/4" deep in my leg and back. The 'toxic plug' fell out after only 1 week (yes, some minor pain is obviously involved but I'm a tuff bitch and it was not as bad as living with this forever). It has now been almost 40 days and the entire area is almost healed. I have more spots to do, but want the results back from the lab about the tissue before I do more.

7.> I returned to the naturopath yesterday and he was impressed with my efforts so far! He said I looked better than the last time he saw me and to continue doing what I have been. He tweaked the plan to better suit my body (changes have been made so my body is different and may require different things now). Overall, a very good visit. He suggested I get into the field of naturopathy as he can see I am passionate about it. I am! How can I not be considering every doctor I have gone to has no clue, but in doing what I have been - I'm seeing amazing results! I'm also learnign alot about the world itself.

8.> My husband is so into the new lifestyle, he researched baldness (he lost his hair early) and put a few things into practice...and he is actually growing hair on his head where there used to be NONE. I'm impressed! Apparently, baldness is the result of too much estrogen - due to eating meat all the time. Factory farm animals are injected with estrogen/hormones to make a bigger animal in less time. Men eat this, they lower testosterone and raise estrogen. They lose hair and gain boobs - OoOoO!!! So, with not eating meat he has lost his 'tummy" and is growing hair. I'm so mystified with all of this! I can't imagine what it does to the woman's system......

9.> We are now at the point where we are going to grow our own food, but organic meats (raised on a local farm) and avoid the grocery store where possible. Preserved foods - canned foods, artificial and genetically modified foods. We're screwed! I used to laugh when I heard Oprah talk about the 100 mile diet - you only eat food that has originated within 100 miles of your home. I'm not laughing anymore. I'm busy trying to do just that if I can! If you want a great documentary on what actually goes on in factory farms and what is put into the food you and your families are eating, get your hands on a copy of FOOD INC. or FOOD MATTERS. Grab a puke bucket though - yer gonna need it.

10.> We've incorporated 'superfoods' into our diet too. It has been a little costly, but since we no longer buy meat - it's barely noticeable. Super foods like unpasteurized honey, Goji berries, Cacao, blueberries and almonds. It wasn't a flavor explosion, I'll tell ya.....but I'm learning. I'll figure out some cool recipes that taste good and don't make me want to gag....and we're gonna do great! I am happy to eat this way if it means I see results - and I've NEVER seen results. I've seen changes happening and it feels amazing.

So from now on I will try to post some of the interesting things that happen, what we've found that works for us and maybe I'll even share my disgusting photos with you. Oh yes, we've photographed the entire thing (hair growth, 'toxic plugs', etc). Why you ask??

Well..........would you have believed me if I had just said so??


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