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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Ultra Mind Solution

The Ultra Mind Solution

For months now hubby has tried to get me to sit down and listen to his audio book "The Ultra Mind Solution." He has told me so much about it that I felt like I had the information from the book I needed. I was wrong. I finally sat down and popped the CD in my player (with pen and paper) to listen.

Mark Hyman, M.D wrote the Ultra Mind Solution. I was riveted by the words he spoke and how he explained things so I could understand them. It was fascinating.

In The Ultra Mind Solution, Mark explains that there is an epidemic out there and it touches all of us every day. It's called "Broken Brain" and 1.1 billion people suffer from it. 1 in 6 children, 1 in 2 elderly people - that's an epidemic!

What is Broken Brain?

Obesity is obvious. You can't hide it. But mental illness and memory loss is suffered silently, hidden from view. Yet it touches nearly every one either directly or indirectly; personally or through family members and friends.

Most of us have been touched by this epidemic of broken brains, which deprives children of their future, the elderly of their past, and adults of their present. It affects:

Over one billion people worldwide,
One in six children,
One in two elderly,
And will cripple one in four people during his or her lifetime.

Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, autism, Parkinson’s, stress, or just bit of brain fog (to mention but a few of the ways we refer to broken brains), the root cause of your illness is a systemic imbalance in one or more of the seven keys to UltraWellness.

How Do We Fix Broken Brain?

Rebalance these seven key systems in your body, and your broken brain will heal itself. This is the truth that The UltraMind Solution reveals.

The UltraMind Solution is a six-week, step-by-step program designed to help you identify core imbalances in your body and treat those imbalances by, optimizing nutrition, balancing your hormones, cooling inflammation, healing your gut, detoxifying, increasing your energy metabolism, and balancing the mind-body connection.

The heart of the plan is a comprehensive diet and lifestyle change that consists of four basic components:

1.> A healthy eating plan designed to help you heal and optimize your brain
2.> Basic supplements you need to take to balance and enhance your brain chemistry
3.> Lifestyle changes including exercise, relaxation, sleep, and “brain” or mental exercises
4.> Living clean and green to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins and support a sustainable future for us all.

While listening to The Ultra Mind Solution I realized that we go through life 'lying' to ourselves about our aches, pains, ailments and diseases. When we say hello to an aquaintance, the next question is always, "How are you?" We don't really want to hear the answer, do we? We hope that person is well - but if they started going on and on about how they REALLY felt - would we want to stand there and listen? Probably not unless they were really close to us emotionally. It is a gracious courtesy we offer one another - and we go back to living our li(v)es.

The answer we always give to someone who asks how we are is one of two things:

1.> "Fine" - which means I'm OK enough to be standing here anyway. It is a deflection so we don't get in to what is ailing us. We answer this way because it is the polite way of not having someone's nose all in your business. We hae become 'that' society - where we don't want to burden anyone and we feel like we have to take everything on our own shoulders. We don't!

2.> "I'd complain, but no one is listening anyway!" - this is so cute, isn't it? I love it.....but there's one problem with it. It insinuates we are going to sit around and wait until someone 'comes to the rescue' to listen to our ails or fix them. We hae to again TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what we eat - what we wear - what we buy and what we put into our systems in an attempt to 'fix' something. We're totally doing shit backwards with the way we live as a society!

Everything we do in a day - in our lives - leads to broken brain.  Stress, prescription meds, depression, anxiety, fatigue, PMS, personality disorder, dyslexia, paranoia, mania, Alzheimer's, Attention Deficit Disorder, FAS, mood disorders....and the list goes on and on.

Doctors say these diseases and ailments are treatable with drugs. They aren't. Why? It's actually amazing:

We blame weight on 'big bones'.
We blame incontinence on "I just had a baby"
We blame man boobs and beer guts on beer.
We blame our body falling apart and poor memory on age.
We blame hearing loss, PMS, and baldness on genetics,
We blame our inability to focus at work on stress
We blame our abnormal behaviors on childhood trauma.

We do NOT take responsibility for ourselves! Once we realize it is OURSELVES making us feel the way we do (it is....been there!) - then we can move onward!!


50% of people over age 85 will suffer Alzheimer's.
16 million will suffer Alzheimer's before 2050.
8.7% (1 in 10) of kids aged 8-15 have ADD.
10% of school aged children have a learning disability.
1 in 3 people people worldwide have broken brain due to daily stress, food and environment.


We look for answers in the wrong places - because we still refuse to look for them within ourselves.


Listening to The Ultra Mind Solution solidified a whole lot of things for me.

We are of the 'name and blame' game in society today. Did you know there is a book called "ICD9" or "International Classification of Diseases". It is the BIBLE of the medical community. It is also a system used by insurance companies to determine if you are sick enough to get paid. I now understand why I was always unable to get sick benefits. If a DOCTOR (medical) cannot NAME and LABEL my DISEASE - then I cannot possibly have ANYTHING bad enough to keep me from working. My doctors did name it - they named it all sorts of things. Sadly, none of it helped me get well and heal.

It works like this:

The ICD9 book has 12,000 diseases listed in it.

It also lists the acceptable prescriptions used to treat that 'disease' based on symptoms you tell or show your doctor.

The doctor either knows all this crap by heart (don`t laugh - some do) or looks it up in his special book. Wow...I always just thought he was thorough! He then sees that your DEPRESSION can be treated with PROZAC - and voila - yer on Prozac, baby!

But let`s not forget some major aspects of this whole scenario. When you go to your doctor, do you tell him EVERYTHING....probably not. We use `key words` to describe pain and symptoms. Sometimes people just flat out lie to get meds to take irresponsibly. Yes...they are out there too - and doctors LOVE them! Our doctors don`t know us from the next guy in a line of 55 patients they see every day. They just have a cool ride in the parking lot because they can filter you through quicker using this ICD9 book. It makes THEM money fast because insurance companies pay them to keep the drugs moving. Can you imagine what the drug companies make......it is a system...and it is a BUSINESS.

Prescription drugs are a HUGE BUSINESS.

We need to find out the REASON for the symptoms - not treat the numerous symptoms. If we treat the body, the symptoms go away - all of them. Your entire body is missing something, full of toxins and horribly malnourished! Yes, avid reader, you can weigh 500 pounds and be horribly malnourished. Welcome to reality.

ONE symptom of any type of ailment means the ENTIRE body is missing something essential.

Doctors have one tool in their tool kit: PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. That`s it. If you are depressed, you get an antidepressant. Anxious -  how about an anti-anxiety medication? Bi-polar? How about a mood inhibitor? Heartburn? You get a chemical concoction you don`t even want to know about!

These diagnosis`are based on symptoms, not the reason it occured. For example - you have a headache. You go to the doctor and he gives you a prescription for pain and inflammation. What you failed to tell him was that you eat crap all day and night, guzzle 10 Diet Pepsi`s in an evening, don`t sleep well (or 7-8 hours a night), you never exercise, watching TV is your èntertainment`and you have bad skin, mood swings, severe PMS and irrational thoughts.

Yeah - it`s easier to take that pill that will create MORE issues than ensure that headache never comes back again through proper diet and awareness. Makes sense.
Focus on the WHOLE BODY and the rest really does take care of itself. Not only will you get rid of that headache - ALL the above symptoms go away too! You can`t keep any of em! Your body can`t differentiate! Ain`t it great!!!



If this were the case, I would have ALS, Crohn`s, Celiac Disease, Arthritis, Anemia, Delusional Parasitosis, Excema, Aggressive Acne, Anxiety, Depression, Skin Cancer and HIV.

The SYMPTOMS for all of these things are the same. In that big ICD9 book, if the symptom says you treat the disease one way - it somehow made sense for ALL the diseases with the same symptoms to be treated alike. So bi-polar and mood disorders are treated with mood inhibitors. It shuts us up - stops us from complaining and makes us foggy in the brain. It also raises up so many other issues physically, mentally and socially that we can`t possibly function for long before another ailment pops up.

When we have disease - we are lacking something essential. It could be whole foods, essential nutrients, water, community, love, connection, purpose or attention. Yep - we need all of those things for our body to work the way it needs to and avoid disease. Surprise!

Is DEPRESSION a PROZAC deficiency - NO!
Is ANXIETY a CELEXA deficiency - NO!
Is CANCER a RADIATION deficiency - NO!

We need to understand why the chemicals in the brain (or aspects of our physical body) are out of balance to begin with. The answer is found right inside of ourselves!

When we go to the doctor and say we are depressed - he doesn`t go much farther than that. He may ask if you have stress, issues at home, relationship or money worries (and who will admit to that these days). Chances are he won`t - its not his job. You get an antidepressant scratched on a prescription pad faster than you can get your coat back on and off you go to fill it. You may read the insert out of curiosity - but who really understands them.

May cause nausea, diarrhea and vomitting - not bad...I can handle that! As long as the ailment I lugged my ass to the doctor to complain about goes away! I`ll do anything! We take prescriptions blindly - never fully knowing what they do or what they contain. Often, even when we DO know what they contain - we don`t know what it reallly does to us. Google your prescription meds sometime and seriously look at non government or company involved websites doing genuine grassroots reviews. You`ll be shocked at what you`ve been led to believe.

Did you know that companies actually label prescriptions for OFF LABELLING USES - this means they can prescribe PROZAC to women who suffer from PMS because they have the same SYMPTOMS as DEPRESSION or FATIGUE or WHATEVER. Fun stuff!!

I remember when I had my daughter. She had a cold as an infant and she was prescribed an inhaler. I never filled the prescription, but noticed that every single time I took her to the doctor for an issue, she was prescibed an inhaler! She had an earache - got an inhaler presciption. This was when I also started noticing MANY children in our community being prescribed the same thing and it scared the shit out of me. I told the doctor that she would be unable to inhale from a puffer (she was about 5 months old!) - he then prescribed (PRESCRIBED!) a chamber like thing for another $75 for her to use. Like I said...I was so disgusted I never bothered filling the prescription for her and she was just fine.

We have to stop naming our diseases and start understanding how our whole body operates as a system. We know our home computers more thoroughly than we know our internal body systems!

We have to start treating people based on FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE - on our own unique needs.
Not everyone who has the same SYMPTOM should have the same PRESCRIPTION. This just makes sense!

We spend 12 BILLION dollars per year on antidepressants alone - and they don`t work long term. Risks and benefits aren`t tracked - yet there is 30 billion dollars a year to advertise prescription medications (of all kinds). They actually raise suicide risk by 60%!! No offence, but if you don`t see the issues here....go Google your medication. NOW! :) I`m not saying hop off all your meds at once and rejoice and scream that you have your freedom.....no.....your body will require major adjusting to getting off your prescriptions. You can`t do it overnight - but you CAN do it eventually!

I used to think that if I rolled with things, never caused a stir and did what doctors told me, I would be fine. See - there`s that word again! I got sick of being sick.

If this crap isn`t turning us into overweight, dumbed down, disease ridden, mindless versions of who we really are - I`ll eat the Eiffel Tower - RAW of course!

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