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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Green Tea, The Internet & Me

Many people continue to ask me exactly HOW to get started on a raw (or close to) raw food diet. I always say, "Just start!" You can't succeed without that first step. You'll mess up - we all do! We have to maintain our sanity here! There is no doubt in my mind that without a change in diet and the addition of supplements, smoothies and complete awareness of how my body works - I would be a very sick person right now.

We're all degenerating - it's what we do. We never really seek out the answers, do we? We get sick - we listen to someone we barely know who drives a Benz to work. Uh huh. We equate success with money. I equate it with health and happiness these days. Money sure as hell wasn't going to save me from my ailments. I spent alot of money trying to figure it out! We had to break it down to the lowest common denominator and what we found was shocking. The food.

My grandmother has been saying it for years - I never listened. Yep - it IS the food. Damn them.

So - with that rant out of the way, let's settle in and do some reading and video reviewing! Have your green tea with honey and lemon? Good...me too....let's go!!
Simply click on the links you want to view! Enjoy!
Quick Start Guide to Raw Food - this is great for getting started!

David Wolfe Video - Raw Food and Dairy Lies - Cure allergies by avoiding dairy!

Diet.com Video - 13 Most Toxic Foods to Buy Organic - cute song to remember your top 13!!

Inside McDonald's Meat Processing Plant Video - THAT was MEAT!?!

Dirty Little Secret About Meat Video - Oh yuck.....

Raw Food Diet Conversion Chart - a GREAT set of charts to help you transition from all of that crappy food to health!! It tells you what to avoid and what to buy.

Why Humans Aren't Meant to Eat Meat - Video - hilarious insight - ANIMATED!

The Disadvantages of Eating Meat - Video - REALLY interesting video! I was kind of spooked at first...but it is full of good information to consider!

You can continue your search for inspiration on all of these subjects! Google any questions you might have or go to http://www.youtube.com/ to search for raw food videos -  REAL people eating real food....and it's good for you!

And now for something a little different....RECIPES!!

I know how hard it can be (and still is for me) to find recipes that contain only foods that are good for you. I've been searching and collecting these recipes - and I hope you try some of them out! If you do, let me know how you liked it!

Raw Food - Zucchini with Marinara Sauce - Video  - I've tried this! it's amazing!

Raw Food - Granola with Almond Milk Video - This shows you how to make almond milk too - great video!

Raw Food - Mediterranian Kale Video - this one's for Linda!

Raw Food - Onion Bread Dehydrator Recipe Video - I am trying this one TODAY!!

Raw Food - Flax Crackers & Guacamole Video - this stuff is so GOOD!

Raw Food - Raw Meatballs (No Meat!) Video

here's one more fast recipe I thought I would share before I go create some onion bread....

Non Dairy Cheese Recipe

I eat lots of non dairy cheese. If you make them from raw seeds, they're a great source of protein. It's delicious on cucumber slices of mixed with salads (i.e. as a wrap). A great dip for kids, yummy on (sprouted) bread or as sauce in a raw vegetable lasagna. And I have to say, my non dairy cheese is quite good.

A few month ago, I had a friend over for dinner. She's a perfumer (makes perfumes) with extraordinary smell and taste. She actually thought she was eating goat cheese.

The recipe is very quick and easy:


1 cup pine nuts
1 lemon
sea salt
pure water


Germinate the pine nuts in water for at least two hours. Drain the seeds. Put them in a mixing jar. Add a squeeze of lemon and some sea salt. (I use about half a teaspoon salt). Blend everything well. You can use a hand blender, food processor or high speed blender. The consistency should be nice and smooth. Like a cheese spread. You can add some more water if needed.

Enjoy all of these recipes - we'd love to hear how you enjoyed it (or didn't!).

Email us: organicoddballs@yahoo.ca

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