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Thursday, May 20, 2010

David Wolfe on Soy Products

David Wolfe (my new go-to guy on health and nutrition) has some things to say about soy.

I keep hearing from people that soy is soooo good for us. I also hear that, "If Asians eat it and are so healthy, it MUST be good for us!" I never knew anything about soy - I saw it marked on everything I bought, but never really figured out what it did for me. I knew subconsciously I had heard about it and what I had heard was positive.

Well, it is true that soy is part of the Asian diet. It isn't well known, however, that they eat very little soy! Media marketers (those big companies that want you to think soy is good for us) actually started this ad campaign. It worked - soy is everywhere!

The problem with soy is this:

Asians consume 9.3 to 36 grams of soy/day.
We drink ONE cup of soy milk per day and it results in 240 grams/day.
Factor in that soy is in 60% of foods sold in supermarkets: veggie burgers, soy ice creams, soy nuts, soy protein supplements, chili....its everywhere.

We are eating EXCESSIVE amounts of soy! The issues that arise due to too much soy intake?

Dysfunction of the thyroid gland
weakened immune system
digestive issues
reproductive disorders
heart disease

I suffered from more than two of the above health issues. I had no idea about what was in the food I ate - I just knew it tasted good! I lived by the old saying, "If it tastes this good - it must be good for you!"

There is a great audio online from David Wolfe - he answers soe questions about tofu, soy etc. Check it out!


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  1. The video that's referenced here has been removed. Is there any chance that you can please report on the information—concerning soy—that it contained? If not, do you have a secondary link? Thank you!