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Friday, June 11, 2010

If What You're Doing Ain't Workin - Try Something Else.

If you know me (as many who frequent this blog do) then you know I was NEVER one to drink water, never one to put down the Pepsi/Diet Pepsi (I panicked if they weren't in the house sometimes!) and I certainly didn't exercise. I wouldn't walk if you gave me good money. Nope - wasn't gonna do it. I was stubborn....but now I realize there was more to it than that.

Being stubborn like I was can lead to close mindedness, not being willing to try new things (I was never one to eat 'weird' foods) and then you reach a standstill where you feel like crap and nothing works. I went with the flow thinking I was fine.....dealt with ailments and felt them get worse over time. I never thought to change a thing because - well, change is freakin SCARY!

I never thought I had 'will power.' At all. It was easier to say, "Oh I can't" than actually give it a try. It wasn't until someone said to me, "Well, if what you're doing now isn't working, try something else."

I also used to laugh when someone told me there was a food crisis. I sincerely apologize to anyone I ever brushed off because the subject got on food and health!! You were right!

I tried a lot of something else's over the years - and all of it failed. Now I know why. But when it initially fails, we blame ourselves, someone else or we chalk it up to, "See - told you it wouldn't work." We defeat ourselves before we even really give it a chance. We set ourselves up to fail. It also doesn't help when someone who knows you personally decides that you're now a freak, a nut or even (gasp!) a total mental case. We can't worry about what others think - if I did I would still feel horrible, suffer and that's just ridiculous.

Believe what you want to about me.....it matters not. I'm putting this out there because A LOT of people are interested - which leads me to believe that I'm not the only one out there who now knows that the foods we are being sold are killing us all. Not just me - all of us. I'm not the only one tired of the aches, strange ailments and indecipherable medications we swallow every day.....only to feel the same (but have less money, more worry and new aches and pains!). People are getting sick of being sick....and lied to.

I am not doing this to prove how skinny I can get. I'm not doing it to rub it in the noses of anyone. I don't care that bad....sorry. :) If someone hops on the train and decides to try this for themselves - awesome! I wish you luck and would love to hear YOUR story (I am kinda hangin out here all alone...haha!). If you start it, give up and never do it again....that too is a choice. If you continue on, optimize your health, feel and look better....you certainly won't be coming back here to give me the credit. I don't deserve it. YOU do.

The information is there - you CHOOSE to use it or not.

I have completely changed the way I live, eat and look at the world. It's a scary place and no offence to anyone who believes otherwise - but there is something about the food. A lot of something about the food.

For example: Our daughter used to LOVE grabbing a box of Smarties off the shelf when we'd go shopping. It wasn't until we dug deep and actually learned what its all about.....from Wikipedia:

Violet Smarties are currently dyed with cochineal, a derivative of the Cochineal insect which is listed in the ingredients as carminic acid. It is produced by crushing female Cochineal insects. Its presence mean that Smarties are neither kosher, halal nor vegan nor vegetarian.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen....they crush up a pregnant beetle to make your kids candy. YUM!

Now, some may say - well...they put alot of weird stuff in food....maybe that dead squashed beetle isn't harmful!? Well, then your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to find out if it is or not. Consider it an assignment. I mean really, I found that on Wikipedia - the information is out there! So try searching it - find out WHY that beetle isn't good - what does it do to our brains? Our bodies? Our children? You'll be surprised!

So as I was saying, it's not about trying to look good (although looking better is a cool bonus!) - I was not well and what I was eating was shutting me down. Say what you want - eat what YOU choose to eat - but remember it is a choice. YOUR choice. If you feel horrible all the time, can't lose weight and have ailments, aches, disease etc (the list can be endless until....well...until you hit death, really) - then try something you never tried before....but do whatever you do for YOU. You're worth it!

I am fully prepared to take the blame if this goes down the shitter - and I'm GONNA take the credit when I am optimally healthy. No one else did it - I did it. The proof really is in the way you feel....and look, apparently! :)

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