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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!

You've been up since 6 a.m.....worked all day, done the grocery shopping, paid some bills, ran the kids to soccer before creating dinner for 4 people.....picked the kids up again, headed home.....then the laundry you just couldn't get to three days ago is still half dry in the machine. You sigh, turn to leave the room and notice the garbage hasn't been taken out - again. You do someone else's assigned task because the fight is just not worth it.

The rest of the family wants to relax after dinner, so you ignore the dishes for a couple of hours..but you keep busy answering questions, stopping sibling tiffs and still, you think of those dishes...you know they are there. After the kids have baths, you tuck them into bed and head to your room. You fold the laundry and try to figure out why you can't seem to keep your eyes open. After laundry, you get ready for bed yourself....you're always the last one to head to sleep, and when you get there - often hubby is now relaxed, rested and ready for you!

There was a time when having sex was amazing.....remember it? It was probably when you first met - before the responsibilities, kids, chores, jobs and a life filled with extra curricular activities that involved keeping your clothes ON. Ahhhh, those days....when your biggest worry was what to eat afterwards! We become exhausted simply from stress and daily life - add the food we eat to that and it is amazing we can still stay awake all day....wait....some of us can't!

So what do women do?

I was curious - I mean, I LOVE sex! If I could lie in bed all day and have someone feed me grapes and serve me cool umbrella beverages all day - hell yeah, I'd be all over hubby when he arrives home! But I have things to do in a day and no offence - you ain't gettin' nuthin if you don't put me in the right frame of mind.

For example, if you spent the day working your ass off, taking care of a kid or three....cooked, cleaned, did dishes and laundry - 5 minutes later would you be ready to drop your clothes and get busy? Not likely - and if you said yes then you are either lying to yourself or you met your man yesterday. No offence to anyone who can do that, but there is such a thing called a 'lead up.'

We are women - we can do it all....just not all at once. We are emotional creatures....men are here to conquer. No laughing - I'm serious! :)

Women then feel guilt. It's not that we don't adore our men - my GOD, we spend the entire day making their lives easier (hubby will argue that there were times I made it more difficult - haha!) - but we do. We take on tasks so others don't have to. Dinner - who says that's MY job? It just becomes my 'womanly' role and that was always fine by me - but life creeps in and slowly takes away the things we enjoy for the things we must accomplish.

That is when sex becomes something we must 'accomplish.' A chore...something hubby is up for, but not me....not tonight. But....but....If we don't have sex - what will people THINK!?! Guess what - we don't even know you're not. People don't like talking about it because....well....whatever reason they have.  We're up front but no, you won't get the dirty details. On the same note, I certainly wouldn't say we're doing it 4 times a day if we aren't....know what I mean?

So we thought, "Hey - let's seriously look into why we get so tired by 8 pm and feeling dragged down! We did just that and discovered that women's hormones (and mens!) are connected to libido are connected to everything else. Eating healthy has been a change for the better in so many ways! We discovered a little secret...and I'm gonna whisper it in your ear too....ready???


Sounds kinky, huh? It's not.....

Hubby discovered this MACA ROOT and started taking it while I was still not feeling that great. I saw such a change in him! He had so much energy - he was up at 5 am sometimes! I was jealous - and then guilty because his sex drive went through the ROOF! I wanted the same thing and he told me to take it too. I didn't at first - how could MACA ROOT make me more energized, balanced and ready for sex?? I didn't believe it, so I never took it. I am.....stubborn. :)

Then the requests.....you know the ones - at night....alone....the hand across the blanket on YOUR side...GASP!!! We would laugh about it as my eyes closed and I fell asleep mid - request. It wasn't long before he suggested MACA ROOT again (surprise, surprise!). So, I gave in and started taking it. It took about only two days to affect me.

MACA ROOT is amazing! I have so much more energy, I feel clear minded and am REALLY enjoying the "back to when we first met" sexual energy! It is also AMAZING for menopausal women (the Maca Sex website has testimonials too). I can't say enough good things about MACA!

You can buy it at health food stores (Bulk Barn in Winnipeg is where we bought ours). You can also buy it in capsule form but it is way more expensive. If you see it - never pass it up! You'll regret it! It is also available online or, if you know me personally - I can getcha some!

This is what http://www.macasex.com/ has to say about it:

Maca Root is believed to help sexual performance and act as an aphrodisiac that boosts libido in both men and women. Chemical research has demonstrated that Maca Root contains a chemical called p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate, which has reputed aphrodisiac properties.

Because Maca is thought to balance hormonal activity, it is believed to be useful in cases of sterility and other reproductive and sexual disorders. In men, it is believed to help treat male impotence and erectile dysfunction and may, in fact, increase seminal volume and sperm motility. There are also claims that Maca especially enhances sexual performance and endurance.

The April, 2000 issue of Urology reported that the sexual performance claims made by those who used Maca were consistent with the legendary reports coming from Peru. In women, it is said to increase libido, perk up a low sex drive and may, because of the herb's glucosinolate content, enhance fertility. Menopausal women and those who suffer menstrual difficulties may be helped with the use of Maca.


I rarely suggest dietary supplements to my patients, but have had no hesitation in referring Maca to those whom I feel would benefit from the wonderful effects of their hormonal systems coming into balance (sometimes for the first time) along with the added benefits of increased energy levels. One of the major reasons for the success of maca relates to the fact that it is easily assimilated and recognised by the body as a food and assists in stabilising the blood sugar levels. I have been using maca for the past year and had results within the first 2-3 weeks.

- Nicola Dallow, Diploma Senior Functional therapy, Diploma Zen Shiatsu. Norfolk Island.

Maca was recommended to me for depression. As is so often the case with depression there were a variety of causes, but fluctuating hormones were certainly not helping matters. I began having a heaped teaspoon before breakfast and lunch in a juice or a milk shake, with a week off after every month. It has stabilised the fluctuations, allowing me clarity and enabling me to actually see the other things that I need to do to live my life fully. My body ENJOYS it, maybe it’s the complex multi-whatsits, but there is always a good feeling when I've had my morning brew.

- Emma (Wellsford, New Zealand).

"Just dropping you a line to let you know I've been taking one teaspoon of Maca per day, for three weeks. I'm 42, five children and experiencing menopausal symptoms for the last eight months, maybe longer. I've noticed a welcome difference in the following symptoms: brain fatigue, tender breasts, emotional upsets, tiredness. I've felt well enough to be motivated into daily exercise and have stopped the usual eating binges in the afternoon. Many thanks."

- Lia

Diane S, a 52-year-old librarian from Rye, New York, would never consider taking estrogen because of the health risks she feared. Instead she opted for dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) as an anti-aging hormone. This very physically active woman noticed an upsurge in her energy from ingesting DHFA but intercourse was still painful for her due to the drying of her vagina. The gynecologist she consulted about the problem told her it was a "natural part of aging that could only get worse with time." He told Diane S that the only thing able to help would be taking estrogen. But after three weeks of taking Maca, Diane reported that her vaginal lubrication was good, and vaginal dryness was no longer troublesome.

The Nutritional Value of Maca Proteins, as polypeptides, make up 11% of the dry maca root and 14% of the whole maca paste. Calcium makes up 10% of maca's mineral count. Magnesium and potassium are also present in significant amounts.

From http://www.thehealthierlife.co.uk/

The key to maca's ability to reinvigorate your sex life

Maca is a hardy perennial plant that grows at high altitudes in the Peruvian Andes. For more than 2,000 years, its tuberous roots have been used by indigenous peoples to enhance libido and increase energy levels. It is claimed that it can benefit a wide range of conditions, including depression and anxiety, PMS and the menopause.

A recent animal study showed that maca has a direct link to the enhancement of sexual desire and activity for males as well as females.

The exact mechanism of maca's action is not known but it is thought that the compounds - macamides and macaenes - that are present in the herb have the effect of promoting healthy hormone balance, including the regulation of sex hormones.

It has also been suggested that alkaloids contained in maca have a beneficial effect on the hypothalamus (part of your brain that regulates important bodily functions) and the pituitary gland (part of your brain that controls the production of hormones), thus giving a boost to the function of the hormonal system in both women and men.

A recent study at Cayetano Heredia University, in Peru, which involved a dozen men using maca over a three-month period, found an increase in libido of between 180 and 200 per cent and a doubling of sperm production.

The maca root contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E, and essential minerals, including iodine and iron - so it has considerable value from a purely nutritional point of view. Vitamin C helps maintain the health of sex organs and may also help treat male infertility. Vitamins B1, B2 and B12, iron and iodine are all associated with improving general energy levels in the body.

It increases the frequency and intensity of orgasms - I can vouch for that!

Fertility Issues? It also increases sperm count by up to two times!


I am 38 years old now. After having my daughter, incontinence was beginning to become an issue for me too. The medical doctor (those trustworthy souls!) told me that it was just something women go through. WHAT!? I left the office not believing what I was hearing.....after maca root....the incontinence is gone. I couldn't believe the way I felt!

So, try it - don't try it. It's up to you.

If you asked me to give up my maca root NOW....you would have to pry it out of my cold dead hands after I fought tooth and nail to keep it. I'd tell you how many times PER DAY we have sex - but you go out and find out for yourself just how phenominal this stuff is.....you'll never regret it!


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