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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wow - I get so many people asking me every day, "What are you doing - you look great!" Keep in mind that I'm still not used to the weight loss. I was (in my mind) going to be a large person my whole life. I knew diets had always failed - so why try? Food tastes soooo good (especially the garbage foods out there) so why bother eating something that tastes like dirt?

I'll tell you why....

I went from this: (note the bad skin - this was with full makeup too.....ugh)

TO THIS: (I love the missing chins!! My skin is much better and I use organic makeup now!)

I get up every morning at about 7 am. I feel awake, alert and refreshed! My mind has increased clarity (I know....what is that? You have to experience it....really!)

I used to suffer with a dibilitating migraine at least once every two weeks....haven't had a migraine in 4 months. (Magnesium!)

I can move without pain (joint pain used to plague me and when I woke up each morning, my back screamed in pain to the point I couldn't stand up straight for about a half hour).

I have energy to spare. I used to have an unusual amount of energy, but now - wow!

I look better (skin is much much much better!) and I actually threw out all the clothes that didn't fit me anymore. I even had to go as far as to throw out some of the 'skinny' clothes I was praying would fit one day.....because they are now too big on me!

I have officially lost 125 pounds - and I don't remember doing any actual exercise once. I do a lot of working in the yard and at home, but to me that's not exercise. It's just work. Haha!

I crave learning - about health, how my body works and how I can get it to work at its optimal levels.

I never get PMS anymore - am rarely in a foul mood and that is due to my hormone levels finally evening themsleves out. It also kicks your sex drive up a notch - WOW!!! Let's say.....five notches. No worries, ladies - after a long day of work, tending to family and household chores....cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.....you STILL have enough energy (and desire) to get whats yours! :)

My skin is soft and the wrinkles and 'old looking skin" is gone. I am falling in love with myself all over again! I just turned 38 - so I hope to have a lot of lovin' left!

I was out the other day and this sweet lady asked me what I was doing. She went on and on about how great I looked. When I told her what I had been doing, she was amazed. She told me to keep doing it - and I will!

There are those that ask....and I tell them...and they seem to curl up inside and retreat from the conversation they started. I know it's scary.  I was terrified....not of food, but of having to give up those delectible morsels created by fast food companies and junk food places. They were my number one! Seriously, if you had offered me a new car or a free lifetime supply of A&W Burgers, I would have gone with the burgers. Sad huh?

It has to be about you. We forget ourselves constantly in the quest for certain things....money......happiness (it is in YOU!), love, family, work....whatever. We give up part of ourselves to all of these things and forget we need a little something too. Once you neglect yourself for years.....you'll need more than a little something.

By the time hubby had figured out a solution for me (after 12 doctors, including specialists could not), I was in bad shape. I weighed 266 pounds at my heaviest, and I felt like total crap. I stayed in bed most days and felt like there was no energy to do anything. Even making dinner was a chore. The weight wasn't the issue at that point - staying out of the hospital was.

So, now I am feeling SUPER! I can't say enough about the things that are working for me. I still have a ways to go - but I certainly never thought I would get this far - at all! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Imagine it.....15+  years without an answer....then one day you start to see real changes....and feel better....and look better. Money couldn't buy it....doctors can't supply it (they are actually not allowed, I'd imagine....they'd have to quit their job!) and naturopaths are looked upon as quacks. It's pathetic.

We have to stop looking for the temporary elation we feel when we lose 5 pounds (we know its coming back with a vengeance) - we have to treat the whole body, not the symptoms of what we feel. All that is - is an indication something is wrong.

We are all worthy of health. Yes, we are! What ticks me off is that doctors turn us away from this option for the more costly medical/prescription base that I now know doesn't work....and if it works, it is only a mask...like the diets...and it is far more damaging to our systems than we think. Google your prescriptions sometime - and find out from a non-government website just what it is your taking....and what it's REALLY doing to your body, mind and spirit. I recall a prescription med hubby wa given for a frozen shoulder a few years ago - it was to prevent seizures. When he returned to his doctor after a month of taking them and the doctor asked how he felt hubby said, "Well, I haven't had a seizure so it must be working." The dosctor was less than impressed....but why? he hadn't helped the frozen shoulder at all - and the neurotoxic meds hubby took did nothing. Actually, that's not true. Apparently, they are a nuerotoxin...so they would help in shutting down or immobilizing his nervous system and brain functions over time. Nice! Thanks, doc!

 Maybe I should ask my doctor if he can take me on his free vacation (for doling out all those meds to me) - I could use one after the last 18 years!


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