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Friday, June 25, 2010

You Should Be Grounded!

When hubby came to me months ago with this idea, I swore it was time to check him into the loonie bin! I laughed my head off, our friends laughed and I eventually just came right out and asked if he was serious. When he said he was, and why - I started paying attention!

I got this blurb to explain what grounding is. It's simple (that's probably why I laughed) but the seriousness of the benefits - I can't say enough good things about.

.....oh yeah - and those that mock and refuse to try it (one day or now) - you'll never know what you're missing! :P

It's quite possible that you have heard the latest news about the emphasis of being grounded. When I first heard that, I wasn't quite sure what that meant, so I did some research and found out that being grounded means being electrically connected to the earth.

But what does that mean?

Well, first of all, we need to be aware of the fact that the earth is mobilized with free electrons. These electrons pour into our body at the speed of light, the minute we touch the ground barefoot.

This was actually discovered way back during the telegraph days when they were first putting telegraph poles into the earth. What they found out was that the earth itself was completely covered by electrons that were negatively charged and that subsequently prevented oxidation in our bodies. What medical research has now discovered is that health problems start when we are disconnected from that natural negative charge - as a result we are then more susceptible to oxidation and we then are then more likely to develop inflammatory problems.
Recently, a team of scientists and doctors have been studying all the major biological markers in medicine - for example, heart rate levels, heart rate variability, cortisol levels, respiration levels, white blood cell levels, Bilirubin levels, etc. - and tried to come to a conclusion if there is a difference between being grounded (meaning standing barefoot directly on the earth or being in contact with the earth via bare skin somewhere on our body) and not being grounded (meaning wearing rubber soled shoes, or being on carpet or linoleum, anything that insulates us from the earth's electrical forces).

The conclusion was a resounding "YES"!

There is a MASSIVE difference in ALL of our body's biological markers between being grounded and being ungrounded.

The reason for this is that our planet earth itself is negatively charged but the atmosphere around us is positively charged. Most of the health conditions that we suffer from in our society today, have now been proven to be associated with having an excess of positive charge in our body. In other words, a lack of electrons.

When our bodies have an EXCESS positive charge, then the outcome is that too much oxidation occurs in our body, plus there's some free radical damage that occurs and a stealing of electrons. What that means is that we lack electrons when our bodies are oxidized.

When we are insulated from the earth's electrical force (for example, through the rubber soles of our shoes), what happens is that we become more open to free radical damage, and we will age faster.

So what can we do to stop it?
The answer is actually quite easy!
Just by walking barefoot on the soil, on the sand, on the grass, you are being grounded. In the case of cement, some cement is grounded, but also, some isn't. This is because of the polymers present in new cement which may act as an insulator, but in general, cement, especially old cement, is grounded. It is conducting energies through itself from the inner earth, up into your body. If you are in contact with a tree, you are grounded, because the tree is a living wood, (not a dry, dead wood like the floors in your house), it has electrolytes and water in it and therefore it is conducting electricity and yes, it can make you grounded. If you touch a metal pole that is dug into the earth, you are also grounded. Whenever you are in a body of water, for example the ocean, a river or a lake, then you are instantly grounded.

It's that easy! The important thing to remember is that the more you can be grounded, the better you will feel. Any inflammation you have will be reduced, the less intense your pain will be, and the longer you will live. One other important thing I want to mention, is that most pain, especially pain of the chronic sort, is due to an excess POSITIVE charge.

When we stand on it barefoot we absorb that negative charge, and it immediately starts to flush away the positive charge. It starts to add electrons to that positive charge and within less than 50 minutes our pain can dissolve.

What a profound discovery!

Our body has the capability to reset itself!

So, for your health's sake, make sure you take the time out of your day, preferably each and every day, to ground yourself. I've shown you how easy it is, so go barefoot for a while, whenever you can, even if it's just for 15 minutes - let your body reset itself by getting grounded. You'll instantly feel the difference.

I used to have a bad knee due to a baseball injury - it's gone. It's actually hard to get used to NOT feeling painful joint....but so cool! Hubby's mom is no longer suffering as bad with her inflamed knee either. I don't have my carpal tunnel-like wrists and my back has never felt stronger.

See? easy right? Ever wonder why we feel so good out enjoying nature? It's because we're MEANT to!

Now go outside and play in the mud!! Take yer shoes off!!!!

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