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Thursday, July 1, 2010

33 Healthiest Fruits & Veggies

This article was taken from: http://www.bewellbuzz.com/antiaging/a-recipe-for-longevity-33-of-the-healthiest-fruits-and-vegetables-on-earth/. Enjoy!

The Healthiest Foods on Earth

Pineapple Speeds post-surgery, promotes joint health, reduces asthma and inflammation.

Blueberries Restores antioxidant levels, reverses age-related brain decline and prevents urinary tract infection.

Spinach Helps maintain mental sharpness, reduces the risk of cancers of the liver, ovaries, colon and
prostate. Top nutrient density.

Red Bell Pepper Reduces risk of lung, prostate, ovarian and cervical cancer. Protects against sunburn and promotes heart health.

Broccoli Reduces diabetic damage, lowers risk of prostate, bladder, colon, pancreatic, gastric
and breast cancer. Protects the brain in event of injury.

Tomato Reduces inflammation, lowers risk of developing esophageal, stomach, colorectal,
lung and pancreatic cancer and reduces cardiovascular disease risk.

Apple Supports immunity, fights lung and prostate cancer and lowers Alzheimer’s risk.

Artichoke Helps blood clotting, antioxidant superfood and lowers “bad” cholesterol.

Arugula Lowers birth defect risk, reduces fracture risk and protects eye health

Asparagus Nourishes good gut bacteria, protects against birth defects and promotes heart health.

Avocado Limits liver damage, reduces oral cancer risk and lowers cholesterol levels.

Blackberries Builds bone density, suppress appetite and enhances fat burning.

Butternut Squash Supports night vision, combats wrinkles and promotes heart health.

Cantaloupe Bolsters immunity, protects skin against sunburn and reduces inflammation.

Carrot Antioxidants, defend DNA, fights cataracts and protects against some cancers.

Cauliflower Stimulates detoxification, suppresses breast cancer cell growth and defends against prostate cancer.

Cherries Alleviate arthritic pain and gout, lower “bad” cholesterol and reduces inflammation.

Cranberries Alleviate prostate pain, fight lung, colon and leukemia cancer cells and prevents urinary tract infection.

Green Cabbage Promotes healthy blood clotting, reduces risk of prostate, colon, breast and ovarian cancers and activates the body’s natural detoxification systems.

Kale Counters harmful estrogens that can feed cancer, protects eyes against sun damage and cataracts, increases bone density.

Kiwi Combats wrinkles, lowers blood clot risk and reduces blood lipids, counters constipation.

Mango Supports immunity, lowers “bad” cholesterol, regulates homocysteine to protect arteries.

Mushrooms Promote natural detoxification, reduce the risk of colon and prostate cancer and lowers blood pressure.

Orange Reduces levels of “bad” cholesterol, lowers risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, breast and stomach, and childhood leukemia, pectin suppresses appetite.

Papaya Enzymes aid digestion, reduces risk of lung cancer and enhances fat burning.

Plums & Prunes Counter constipation, antioxidants defend against DNA damage, protects against post-menopausal bone loss.

Pomegranate Enhances sunscreen protection, lowers “bad” cholesterol, fights prostate cancer.

Pumpkin Protects joints against polyarthritis, lowers lung and prostate cancer risk, reduces inflammation.

Raspberries Inhibit growth of oral, breast, colon and prostate cancers, Antioxidant DNA defense, lowers “bad” cholesterol levels.

Strawberries Protect against Alzheimer’s, reduce “bad” cholesterol, suppress growth of colon, prostate and oral cancers.

Sweet Potato Reduces stroke risk, lowers cancer risk and protects against blindness.

Watermelon Supports male fertility, reduces risk of several cancers: prostate, ovarian, cervical, oral and pharyngeal, protects skin against sunburn.

Banana Increases Fat Burning, lowers risk of colorectal and kidney cancer, leukemia, reduces asthma symptoms in children.

One of my missions in life is to share this kind of knowledge with others, so they can live more vital, active, satisfying lives.

Consider it passed along!


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