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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Lady at The Chinese Pharmacy

I had to dedicate an entire post to this woman! Hubby has been frequenting a Chinese supermarket in Winnipeg for a while now. Not only do they sell Goji berries at $8 a pound (we used to pay $15/pound elsewhere), they actually have items in that place that WORK to help make you healthy!

Hubby used to come home with a bunch of Chinese herbs, teas and mushrooms (reishi, shiatake, agaricus) and then he started us on a plan. We drink teas and eat the mushrooms in our smoothies and salads and its not horrible. It seems, however, that everything I hated as I grew up (blueberries, avacado, cucumbers, vegetables in general and especially MUSHROOMS) are the things that are best for me. Gross. But all is not lost - I am an adult now (at least I look like one) so I am having an easier time talking myself into eating what makes me healthy. I swear I can't eat sardines (for the Omega-3) like hubby...and I probably never will. I take a cod liver oil supplement for that. :)

So, we all headed to this supermarket one day during a whirlwind grocery trip and I was thrilled to finally experience what hubby had been trying to convey to me forever! This place ROCKED!!

We walked in, and hubby veered off to the left - there was another room. I started to wonder what I had gotten into! Everything looked so confusing (because I can't read Chinese) but hopeful! The room was filled with display cases containing colorful boxes printed with Chinese writing. There were boxes on the floor where products were being shelved. All the signs were in a different language! I had NO IDEA where I was. Some things I could understand (product tage were printed in English and placed on the back of boxes) but for the most part I felt lost - but intrigued!

Little did I know that we were standing in the pharmacy of this supermarket. You know how you go to Walmart, Safeway or Superstore and there is a pharmacy section? Well, on a smaller scale - this was theirs. Once I realized that (OK, hubby told me) then it made more sense!

I immediately approached the lone occupant of the room - a small, beautiful woman (I have no name to give). She was busy with some Goji berry parcels - wonderful! We grabbed 3 pounds and I asked her if she had a solution for me, or something I could try. I sat on the edge of my proverbial seat - I waited like the Karate Kid waited for instruction (after he learned to wax on/wax off and became dedicated). She didn't say a word - just reached up to a shelf nearby and plucked off a blue/green colored box, handing it to me.

The box said one thing: Skin Care - Natural Tea. She told me (in English) that this tea was great for skin, immunity and overall good balance of the system. I was in! We also picked up a lung cleanse tea (highly recommended by her), and hubby grabbed some antioxidant herbs. Our daughter was less than impressed with the place (she was in a new place too and felt a tad lost). We toured around the main supermarket area with her complaining of the smell (it was the fish section) and found millet pasta (pasta made from the ancient grain 'millet') and an array of freeze dried fish products hubby fell in love with.

We left the store with 3 grocery bags full of  herbs, teas and pasta worth $40. I couldn't BELIEVE we only spent $40!! We had just been to Vita Health and one grocery bag totalled over $110. Insanity!

The woman at the Chinese store was an angel. I adore her! She took the time to let us know how each product worked, how it benefits the body, how much to use and how long you should use it for. She was so polite and we were very grateful. The store wasn't gouging people financially - it was amazing. I bought the pasta - $1.49 for enough to serve 15 people. I will be going back regularly! I would love to try some different things they have there....especially this strange canned drink called "Grass Juice." I'm not yet certain its good for me, but I'm sure gonna look it up!

So, kudos to you lady at the pharmacy! I can't wait to try my Skin Care and Lung Cleanse Tea! You are dedicated to health, not money and you shy away from no situation when it comes to information. I admire that!

You have helped us far more already than you can know!

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