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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Weekend Update

I'm not sure what I ate that bothered me so much, but I spent Saturday in bed. I was doomed as soon as I woke up - I knew it. I had no energy, I felt like sleeping forever and my body felt completely disconnected. It wasn't like me. I was feeling really good the day before, but Saturday morning I stayed in bed - all day.....and all night - save for the HUGE number of trips I took to the 'throne-room.' :)

Yep - whatever was in my guts didn't want to be there. Either that, or all of the things I continue to do to detoxify my body have finally kicked in. Either way - I suffered big time. My guts were so sore, felt knotted and tight. I didn't dare move the pain was that bad. I couldn't believe it - I had been eating so well!!

Then I remembered it....that small pork chop I had eaten the previous night. We had eaten a bowl of cherries before bed (ok, while in bed watching movies) too. Add that and my supplements that were taken with a full glass of water right before I jumped into bed - BAD BAD ME!!! We had gotten busy with life during the day and it cost me a full day recovery.

When I went to bed, I didn't allow my body the time it needed to move my food through me. I ate cherries at night (fruit takes too long to digest to eat it at night) - and the pork chop was something my body wasn't completely enjoying anymore. I personally enjoy the hell out of a pork chop, but my guts do not.

So, when I woke up Saturday morning, I could barely move. The putrifying mess in my guts was using up all of my energy just to get it through me. Can you imagine?? Cherries.....a pork chop.....lemon water....my supplements (reishi mushroom, B-vitamin, MSM, L-Lysine, Garlic, cod liver oil) - and then I laid down and fell asleep. Not my brightest moment!

Well, I slept almost straight through until Sunday morning. I may have been up a total of 2 hours to puke, shit or check Facebook (hey, a girl has to have SOMETHING!). Hubby thought I was dead or dying when I could barely lift my head off the pillow to speak. Energy was absolutely zero.

I found the energy to move only when the overwhelming urge to vomit came at around 1 pm. I didn't have the energy to get out of bed, so the food (thanks, stupid gravity) didn't move either. I guess my body was tired of trying (with no results) to get rid of all of the contents of my stomach. It was working too hard - and THAT definitely isn't good for a body. That stuff is still rotting in you - making you feel horrible! My breath....my sweat....it was enough to gag a maggot....but it was a clear sign that my body needed a detox from all of this. I drank sips of water to help things along, but food - there was no way.

I puked repeatedly - cherries...the whole mess. It was colorful, anyway! If I wasn't standing over the toilet, I was sitting on it.....my body refused to hang on to this stuff any longer. Thank goodness my body knows better than me! We can actually recover quite quickly considering what we do to ourselves!!

I returned to bed and drank tea from the lady at the Chinese pharmacy. I ate some Goji berries and rested. I rested all damn night! I slept like I've never slept before. My body was exhausted. I woke up to nibble leafy greens - I felt like a rabbit! I even went as far as to hope I could find a Rolaids in a cupboard somewhere - anything to relieve the agony....but I knew it would only add to the problems. I was doing this whole thing for a reason - health!!!

I didn't have to will myself to sleep even at 11 pm - I fell asleep like a rock falls to the bottom of a river bed. It was terrific. I woke up Sunday morning feeling a little tight in the abdominal area, but so much more energetic! We even made it out to the beach for the day! It was quite the difference! I ate normally and felt much better!

Everything is back to normal now, but what an ordeal! It reminded me of my first detox (heavy metals, pesticides, minerals, bad food, bad calcium etc). It was very draining.

I lost 6 pounds in one day - ONE FRICKIN DAY!!!

6 pounds of putrid, rotting food that was trapped in my guts for whatever reason. I will never eat right before bed again (it used to be easy to pop open that bag of chips and guzzle Pepsi and not notice how you felt because I always felt shitty). These days everything counts. I hate it some days - I LOVED CHIPS AND CRAP! But I know damn well the renewed energy, weight loss, raw eating and the terrific feeling of a new outlook on health will secure me to it forever.

I've had a few chips and a sprite here and there - and I know its bad. It will wane. I can already taste a huge difference in that kind of food when I do eat it. It tastes....fake. It's so weird!!

I'm sold on healthy eating. It's the only thing that's worked so far!


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