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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Irony

I still can't wrap my head around the idea that people want a solution to their weight and health issues, yet when I am asked what I did to achieve better health (and lose the weight), I can actually see their eyes dim and they lose interest immediately. It's not a fast fix - for any of us! If you are obese, overweight or thin as a rake - your health is going to improve and you will lose the weight YOU NEED TO if you do this. Remember though, that every time you stray (and we have strayed) you are going backward....and it doesn't take long.

Now, I have to say "this is not guaranteed blah blah blah - so there, I said it. But our friends, family - and ourselves are living proof it does. We're not selling ANYTHING - I wouldn't line the 'big pockets' now if you gave me the cash! No one wants you to know this - because there is no money in big businesses (pharmaceuticals, cancer treatments) if you don't use their products. See the connection now? What we do is ALL NATURAL and IT WORKS.

We've seen 'haters' trying to disclaim the raw food worls, the natural treatments and those that choose to live chemical/pill free. They can say what they want - we are proof. I can't say it enough. WE ARE PROOF. I recall one woman who asked me all about the lifestyle, and I explained it for over an hour. At the end of the very condensed explanation she said, "Well, I need more proof." I looked at her and ran my hands down my waist - "I used to be 266 pounds," I said! Apparently not good enough and that is so sad to me.

We search for all the quick fad diets that are 'guaranteed to work' just like they say on that 3:30 am infomercial - yet I stood before this woman and she still wasn't convinced - and she knows me personally. The issue isn't that she didn't believe me - I'm sure she did. The issue is that when she figures out how long it will take, she loses interest. When she realizes she will have to let go of that bag of Ketchup chips and her Pepsi can....she gets defensive. I understand that - I was the same way. I'd scoff, laugh and say, "Never! I'll die happy at least!" Well, when approaching the potential date of that death....I realized that Pepsi wasn't what I really NEEDED. Sure, I wanted it - I sometimes still do. But I certainly don't need it - and in fact, it was killing me. Literally. I had toxins poisoning my body - chemicals taking over my system and making me weak, sick and depressed. We all do - no matter what the excuse.

No one generally does anything important for their health until they are sick.

Isn't that why we grab ColdFX or down Vitamin C with vigor at the first sign of a cold?? Isn't it why we pop a Champix instead of making a commitment to quitting smoking and sticking with it? It's certainly why we head to the store after a long day and 'reward' ourselves with delectable goodies that we know are bad for us - yet we 'do it anyway.' Excuses - they always work....for a reason. We can justify anything if it works in our favor. The problem is that one day, you will look back and realize how unfortunate those choices were - and in some cases it can be too late. We can decay our bodies to the point that the illness takes over and it is too far to come back from. I believe I was very close to this point myself and my naturopathic doctor agrees.

If I didn't do something, I may not have been around much longer - and if I was, in what capacity? I didn't want to feel sick - to not be able to get out of bed. I had a little girl and I wanted so bad to watch her do all of the things in life she should. Again, I thank hubby for all of his efforts in finding this way - because it works.

We noticed a very visible difference in my energy levels after only a month. This from not being able to get out of bed in the morning, not being able to stand straight due to extreme joint pain and not feeling good at all. One month. When we stray, it only takes a couple of days of eating poorly to start feeling sluggish again - only two days! That says alot for the nutritional value of the food we eat when we favor junk food and meat/dairy products.

People need to remember that it will get worse before it gets better. When you start - you will feel like crap so plan accordingly. This is because your body needs to detox the garbage out of it before you can show improvement. Once you have done that and you are eating right, your body takes those tools and heals itself....of everything. It can't distinguish between that joint pain or that headache - or even cancer - it rids you of all of it!

So I asked myself - why is it that people's eyes dim and their interests fade when I start to explain how I've done this?? I was interested - because explaining this to people THRILLS me, but I don't want to waste my time if they are genuinely not interested. It seems so phony to me and I don't want them to walk away going, "Holy crap - she's NUTS!" I assure you I can act nutty at times - but that is my outgoing personality and I happen to love it. I am not insane.

Genetics - I always get that excuse from people. It's genetics. Well, 25% of who we are is genetics, yes. But 75% of who we are and how we feel is due to what we eat and our environmental influences. If you live near Chernobyl, you know what I'm talking about.

I realized the first thing people have to do is change their MIND. The body actually does heal itself when given the tools - and one of the tools is a clear, positive, toxin free mind! When you are barraged with negativity all day - and lets face it - we all are - then you really have to work at turning that around! Positive thinking isn't just for those guru retreats you can drop $10,000 to attend - it is genuinely a way to health! I have always been as positive as I can be - I get bogged down if in a negative situation - people can be psychological vampires.....misery loves company....negativity runs rampant in our society and I simply have had enough! I avoid people who whine, complain and moan about themselves constantly and how horrible they feel. The 'good excuse makers' are amusing, but I worry about them because it is very hard to UNconvince yourself of something as it is to convince yourself.

People draw to themselves what they send out. If you get to work and bitch all day - do you notice how alone you are for most of the day? If you are upbeat, smiling and positive - do you notice how people migrate to you and engage you in conversation?? I do! In order to go grocery shopping, I make sure I give myself an extra half hour - because I ALWAYS stop and chat with someone....and I love it!

 How can one ever FEEL positive if there is no positivity to feel? Pollyana had it right - no matter what - find something to be glad about. It's the Glad Game! It may sound stupid to you - but give it a try! Once you shock yourself (and smile alot!) - come back here and we'll carry on. :)

Hubby and I used to moan and complain all the time about how nothing ever went our way. We were sick with the flu almost constantly, one bad thing would pile up and then another - it was completely depressing! I never spoke negatively, but I always worried. Always. I worried about money, the bills, the house, the dog, about my decreasing health, our daughters health....hubby's health...stress....cholesterol....migraines....joint pain....I worried all the time - but I was positive. How can this be?

I worried - but I always told myself it would get better. Things would improve - we would succeed in areas we hadn't dreamed of yet. Once hubby found our direction for us, coupled with my positive attitude - we rubbed off on each other and started adopting each others attitudes! It was fantastic! He would get negative and I would watch him adjust his thinking and move on. If I wanted a burger instead of something healthy, he would remind me of our path - and I would adjust. It worked great. I still occasionally catch myself worrying....but I look to the positive and carry on.

The mind is the most powerful thing we have. We don't use it to its full capacity - its true. There are lots of things you can do to improve your mind and we hope you will go in search of them. Food is a huge one - the food in the stores today is there to make you stupid and lazy. Sorry - but its true. Kids are generationally more stupid and lazy than ever - and more obese. I mean really - they actually invented a video game that gets you moving. Good idea - but how about looking at changing the FOOD??

I cringed when the "No child left behind" policy came into effect in the schools. It sounds GREAT, yes. But think about it - what happens to the kid that has the mind of a 5 year old but the body of a 12 year old - we rush them through without teaching them anything?? If they cannot do their grade level work, WHY would you move them ahead? So you can have a confused, bitter teenager who can't spell, do math or read? Excellent! It scares me for what is ahead. They will need more help as an adult than the country can provide.

Our 4 1/2 year old daughter gets given treats by others sometimes - and I sometimes give her the choice. She needs to be able to make them on her own. She found a freezie at a friends house the other day. She brought it to me and showed me. I asked her what she was going to do with it and she said she said didn't want it. She made the choice based on what we have taught her about sugar (what it does, how it effects her etc) and she didn't have the freezie. Score one for the kiddo! If she decided to eat it, we would then go into the consequences of doing so - and its not so appealing anymore. If she still decided to eat it, then we may let her but we may not. She would then face those consequences - for her it is an earache and instant crabby kid if she eats it, and if she doesn't, we may get some tears temporarily, but we know the choice was the right one for her.

We don't have TV (yes, cringe now) so she is saved from the consant influence of media (commercials etc). Watch your local news station one night and make two columns on a piece of paper. One is for positive stories and one is for the negative stories. You know what to do from there. When you see a negative story, make a check in the appropriate column. When you see a positive story, make a check in the positive column. I guarantee I know which one will have more check marks on the column. Its something to consider - and yes, when we got rid of our TV chanels....I initially freaked - but I made it through that addiction too!

I love my life - my renewed physical appearance, my world! I stray occasionally, sure - but I admit it, suffer...and do better in the future. I am responsible for me....no one else. Not hubby, not the doctors, not even my naturopath. They can support, give direction and advice - but the choices are mine alone. I know what works...and I know what doesn't. I don't expect a helping hand in this (although hubby's is nice!) - I have my path clearly set in my mind (my clear mind!) and I'm enjoying the hell out of every single day! I know I can go back to the way I felt before, but why? It's so not worth it to me! Our lives can change in a heartbeat....and I want to keep mine beating for as long as I am able!

We can always do better - we can always try harder and we can always find something to be positive about.

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