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Monday, August 23, 2010

Why We Try

It is so refreshing to go out and have people notice the difference in the way you look. I realize it is indeed a dramatic change (especially since I cut my hair and have....*gulp*...bangs!) and I hope people realize that the way I FEEL is far more important to me than the way I look. They travel in tandem, however - this weight loss and dramatic look I have aquired, yet I still giggle inwardly when people ask how I've done it.

"You'll hate it," I always reply. Realistically though, I should have been the one to hate it most...and I did - for a long time. I never believed eating virtually no meat, no dairy (aside from butter on popcorn!) and wheat products would literally change my life in so many wonderful ways. I shouldn't say to people that they will hate it. What I should say is that they initially will want to quit, throw themselves through a Burger King window or consume an entire Hershey's chocolate factory in one sitting. That's what I SHOULD say. But I don't.

I want to be a positive force - so instead of saying that people will hate it, I now tell them exactly what I believe - YOU CAN DO THIS!! If I could stop drinking 20 Pepsi's in a day (cans....if it were bottles you could half the number) then anyone can do ANYTHING. I was a Pepsi addict - a junk food junkie. I would have prefered to come home to a TV dinner than make a nutritious meal. Not anymore!

If you are serious - and let's face it, I had to be because my health was at risk - then you can truly accomplish anything. I stopped eating what was bad for me, taking in horrid chemicals (I am on day 23 of quitting smoking - and yes, sadly I still cheat occasionally), and avoiding sugar, fat and salt. That's it. Sounds simple but it is a challenge at times.....until you start feeling better. You WILL start feeling better!

It doesn't matter if you weigh 500 pounds or 120 pounds, you will FEEL better. Energy increases, sex drive goes up, joints stop aching, migraines disappear, PMS vanishes and those cravings for crappy food diminish. Hormones become balanced and you feel ALIVE again!

I still get food cravings a little (and probably always will) but they are far easier to control now. I can make healthy choices most of the time - and that is really good for me! If I make a poor choice though - I suffer the consequences of a traumatized tummy for a couple of days. Not fun - and a great deterrent from eating garbage food!

My skin is much improved too - telling me that prescriptions that never worked were meant only to line the pockets of the uppity ups. Sorry - but it's true. In my case, there were never any prescriptions that effectively worked to cure my skin issue. I have zero faith in prescription meds - and I realize many people will say, "Mine work!" Sure - right now they work - but what other chaos are they causing in your body? Do you even know? You have to remember that a symptom (let's take PMS and migraines) shouldn't be brushed off as 'genetic' or 'hereditary' or 'just something I have to deal with." Wrong! Take a second and think about WHY something in your life (like PMS or migraines) could be hereditary? Could it be because everyone in a family eats the same way?? Could be!

If what you're doing ain't workin - try something else.

If something is wrong in your body - you will see signs. Headache, nausea, etc. This means something is wrong inside of you. Your body is literally talking to you! If you don't listen, the little voice telling you something is wrong will become a moan...and then a yelp, a holler...and then a scream. If you haven't addressed your health issue by this point you could be in trouble.

The one way to treat ANY ailment of the body is through raw food. Yes, I know - I can hear you groaning....but that's just what I am doing. One day I hope to be 100% raw food, but I am a slow learner and need to explore this realm some more. I have no doubts about it working (if you know me, you have seen the changes) - it WORKS - I just want to learn new, exciting recipes - and I am!

The greatest reward in all of this besides the physical aspects?? I plan to be around a long time - I'm not fearful of any illness or disease and I continue to learn something new on a daily basis. I find joy in everything, love the thought of my life and who I am and I smile at total strangers!

I tell ya - it just can't get better than that!

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