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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Cure Conspiracy!

Hubby recently picked up a VERY intriguing book called "The Cure Conspiracy - Medical Myths, Alternative Therapies and Natural Remedies Even Your Doctor Might Not Know." Long title - but so far, this book is phenominal!

This book offers THOUSANDS of ways to avoid the prescription world and keep yourself optimally healthy!

The back cover of the book reads:

If your doctor has told you your arteries are clogged, the 10,000 year old remedy on page 146 will help clean them out like a natural Roto-Rooter.

Keep your memory sharp as a tack! The secret to staying mentally alert as you age. Page 224.

Lose weight without even trying! That's what these men did - even whie consuming the same total calories - when they ate this 50 cent meal a day. AND they lowered their cholesterol too! Page 143.

How to get your prescriptions filled without spending a fortune at the pharmacy. Page 284.

Do you know the signs of a heart attack in progress or about to begin? This wisdom is essential for every family member of anyone who has high blood pressure. Consult page 308.

Tired and sluggish? Find out what kind of foods will give you more energy on page 70.

Tap into the power of healing herbs. Facts on herbs that work and ones to steer clear of found throughout this book.

Rid yourself of the misery of a cold. All you need is honey and this! (Found on page 136).

How eating this 'miracle meal' can lead to a long life - free from cancer, disease, diabetes and arthritis pain. Page 248.

Is your diet giving you Alzheimer's? Turn to page 58 to learn the key to keeping your brain in ti top shape!

I've seen it available on Amazon.com and a few other places. Hubby picked it up at a used book store for $8.00.

We'll get into more of the book as we read it - but so far it is stuffed full of valuable information!!

It'll be the best $8.00 you ever spend!!

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