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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guard Your Arteries with a SEED!

Several emails have landed in my inbox since my last post about "The Cure Conspiracy" book and all of the juicy tips that are in it. The most popular question? How to clean out clogged arteries....so, from the book itself I quote,

"Don't wait until your doctor tells you your arteries are clogged. Start controlling cholesterol now. Discover how flax seed can help you take the first step.

Your liver makes the cholesterol your body needs, but extra cholesterol from the food you eat can lead to dangerous artery clogging plaque - and maybe a heart attack.

What you need is a secret weapon to snatch extra cholesterol away from arteries before more plaque develops - a sort of natural Roto-Rooter that can help keep your arteries cleaned out.

Consider a 10,000 year old remedy. Scientists aren't really sure how it works, but they think the components in flax seed might help.

"I personally think fibre is the most important component based on my own research today," says Dr. Phillipe Szapary, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Fiber, in grains like flax seed, helps cut damaging LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. That's because fiber nabs bile acids. These bile acids, necessary for digestion, are made from cholesterol. And, like a good security guard, fiber escorts those bile acids right out of your body.

So the next time your body needs to make more bile acids, it pulls cholesterol out of your blood. Less cholesterol in your blood means lower cholesterol readings."

I thought about this for awhile and realized something about myself. Years ago - at 19 years old - I had my gall bladder removed. BAD IDEA!!! It turns out I need that organ more than I think. Sure, when my doctor told me that I should (should....not NEED) have it removed, it was only due to the idea that the gallstones would continue to form and bother me. Not what I wanted at the time so I had it removed, but had he suggested a change in diet so that those pesky stones NEVER returned - then I would still have my gall bladder today - and perhaps my cholesterol would be more easily dealt with....and my skin!

Now, I do not have a cholesterol issue - it isn't high. In fact, all of the doctors that would actually 'test' me for anything told me I was very healthy considering what I ate. Why do they mention what we eat in the office in order to chastize us, then scribble prescription after prescription? I never caught on before - but it makes perfect sense now. My new goal in life is to leave an actual medical doctors office (or have known someone who did) with a written prescription for broccoli...or carrot juice....or flax seed! Remember I said WRITTEN - if you happen to obtain one of these, please scan and email it to me immediately!!

So - back on track....when I had my gall bladder removed, it was around the time my skin issue started. Putting two and seven together, I thought maybe there's a chance that my bile acid is somehow affecting my skin. I have started flax seed every day (my organic crisps are loaded with it!). I have noticed a great improvement so far - but as my naturopath says, we have to be patient. It didn't get this way overnight and it won't get fixed overnight.

I'm alright with that!! I remember sitting around worrying that my face would be irreperably scarred forever (it won't! Fresh pineapple is a great scar/cellulite cure!) or that my face would become uncontrollable when it came to this issue. It did become hard to deal with (the pain was excruciating!) but that was at a point where I felt helpless to do anything. Why did I feel helpless - because I was taking NO direction on my own. Then I relied heavily on the medical professionals (ha!). When I did start trying prescriptions, creams and astringents, they failed. It always came back.....BUT......I never gave up, I never gave in........and I kept my goal in mind. My naturopath is amazing and works for me, not himself. It was quite hard to adjust to that - he even told me where I could find supplements cheaper than his sometimes. What a guy! It's all about information sharing, isn't it?

Consider YOUR goals.....consider a plan....and execute said plan. The credit or blame will be yours - cuz....ya can't sue Canadian doctors anyway. Wonder why? :P

Email me your written broccoli, flax seed or carrot juice prescription at: organicoddballs@yahoo.ca


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