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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hair, Skin and Nails - An At Home Way To Better It All!

My issue is skin - definitely. I have enough healthy hair and my nails are thick and long - totally healthy as far as I can tell! The skin - another issue altogether. I've been taking a supplement from Swanson Vitamins (located at http://www.swansonvitamamins.com/) and I LOVE it! My skin has definitely improved and my hair feels softer and looks shinier than before!

Mom called the other day to tell me about a recipe that could save me alot of money and time. Since our hair, skin and nails require silicone for elasticity, connective tissue, etc. She has a recipe where I can get the same results - from FOOD. Bonus!

It IS simple - I have yet to try it though. I will! She says after a month I should notice a big improvement in my skin. I can't wait! Here's the recipe:


Ummm.....that's IT!?!?!
YEP - that's it!

Bring the water to a boil and then add your oats. Slap the lid on, turn it down to minimum and simmer it for 2 hours.

Whatever you get after 2 hours is what you drink (please let it cool first). It should resemble a milky substance. Rice milk is the same way - don't be daunted - drink it! A month of that and you should (according to 'mom') see and feel a difference!

I will be trying it too - and will let you know after my first month is up! I'm excited about it!


  1. can you make a weeks worth at a time? or do you have to do this daily??? Every interested in trying

  2. According to 'mom - she says it keeps well in the fridge...and lasts about a week. Remember, you will only be boiling 1/4 cup of water and 2 tbsps rolled oats - what you get may not last long.....so perhaps double or triple the recipe to ensure you'll not need to make more in the week.