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Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting Calcium From Raw Food

Author: Roxanne Vick

We all know that calcium is essential for bone and teeth health, but I wonder how many people know that calcium is also vital for a healthy heart , circulatory system, healthy muscle tissue, blood, and skin?

Not many, I would venture to say. We all have also heard through the advertising from dairy companies, that we should drink 3 glasses at least, of milk every day to obtain this important nutrient. If the milk was a raw food product, instead of pasteurized, I might agree. However the milk that most people drink would actually kill the calf, if he drank it! I have decided to help bring awareness about how to obtain this important mineral from raw foods, what you can take that will help you absorb this vital nutrient, and finally, deficiency symptoms that could mean a lack of calcium.

Calcium can be found in (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!)

This is amazing information! Thanks, Roxanne!

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