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Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Raw Christmas.

A raw food Christmas would be so amazing - but I wouldn't have the first clue how to prepare one! The ideas are easy enough to find - recipes flood the internet and many a raw foodist is contemplating the designs of their holiday tables. I...am not.

I may be into raw food - but not everyone I know (or am related to) is. I understand this - I wouldn't have given any attention to any raw foodist at my dinner table three short years ago! I undoubtedly would have conversed with them, but at the mention of changing eating habits, I would have hung my head down over my gravy dripping mashed potatoes and stuffed a slab of white turkey breast into my mouth. I was always taught not to talk with my mouth full - so I have just solved two problems. I don't have to admit I may need a change. I also don't have to stop eating anything I like. It's too good!

Those were my two biggest problems. I didn't see the damage, even though I definitely felt it! I could smile and finish my meal.....chat with my family and giggle at the wonders of the kids running through the room and not feel guilt if I just ignored it long enough. I ignored it, alright - far longer than I should have.

So, this year - when you head out and discover that there may be a near raw or raw foodist (or vegetarian, vegan, etc) - ask questions! It doesn't mean you have to change the way YOU are - but learn to understand them and why they have chosen to live the way they have. You may find the path to self-change unfolding in front of you, too!

I am NOT 100% raw foodist (we are lingering around the 60-70% mark...and climbing) but we certainly still cave to those tricky addictive substances like sugar every now and then.

Christmas is approaching fast and I'm not worried, feeling guilty or trying to overpower our family dinner with raw food. I'm going to contribute a dish that I would be happy to eat and see what the response is! I will also partake of some of the non-raw food dishes as mom is a fabulous cook and into healthy eating too. Our household has decided to remain stress-free this year! Only fun allowed!

Our Christmas spirit overfloweth!! Happy Holidays!!

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