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Friday, December 31, 2010

Take a Chance on Yourself

Hubby has some new information that really put things into perspective for me. Yes, we learn incrementally - but we're learning! We tend to waver on the meat issue - it used to taste good. USED TO. Now, it seems we are just uninterested in meat. We know what it is about and why we don't need it in our diet. Actually, we know now why it can kill you.

OK - let's look at it this way. You have vegetables on one hand and meat on the other. If you eat the vegetables, you are eating what is called a "whole food." This means that the enzymes your body requires (not just wants or dreams of) but REQUIRES to break itself down - is contained within that vegetable. You NEED this vegetable and its enzymes to live well.

Yep - everything that vegetable needs to go from veggie to nutrition is all inside! All you have to do is get it into your mouth - now how hard can that really be? It breaks itself down and processes itself! We are a factory for health!

OK - now let's look at the meat. The meat has no living enzymes - so when we eat it, we have to use enzymes we already have stored up (because we didn't eat that vegetable!). So, while your enzymes are off breaking down that meat and making you tired (especially after a large meat meal) - there is something else going on....and what happens when you no longer have any enzymes stored up? Where do they come from then?

When we aquire disease, it means the body is lacking something. In this case, it is lacking enzymes needed to break down food. Now, cancer cells have a protien coating that is tough to break down (as I understand it from hubby's excited rants last evening). Enzymes can break this protien coating down, allowing your immune system to get rid of cancer over time!! Wait - but they're off fighting to break down that rack of ribs you devoured earlier and they are still working on that burger you had for lunch. This isn't a good thing.

There are alot of meat myths out there - and they are scary! We remember trying to ensure our daughter ate her meat at dinner - we were told it was good for her. We were lied to. Every online search we do (there are some great youtube videos out there!) has said the same thing and that is what gets us. THEY ARE ALL SAYING THE SAME THING. Meat is detrimental to human health - and it tastes delicious because it is meant to! We are food addicts in this country, and we don't even realize it. It doesn't matter how thin or obese you are - we are food addicts if we eat processed, packaged, homogenized, hydrolized or autolyzed foods. This wasn't accidental.

I was once told, "When you want to make a change - be with those that are the change you want to be." Made sense - not that I did that. Instead, we hunkered down and dove into the internet, books and eliminated television from our lives. It does no good, really. Ask yourself the next time you sit down to stare at your boob tube - what does it really mean that I am watching programming. I know - sounds conspiracy theory-ish. Too bad. It's true. When I was a TV viewer, I could waste hours at a time! I got nothing out of it - except that I could sit in a group and explain how funny some show was.....and it was. They even tell you at what point to laugh (thank you, canned laughter!). Yet it all kept me distracted from real life - MINE. I was your typical, average, junk food eating sheeple.

I never actually thought I would be where I am these days - neither of us did. I never thought I'd be anything than I was - and I have far surpassed that already. There is no ceiling! It has been an incredible journey of discovery and realizations. Our society is definitely in deep crap.

So, if you make any resolutions this year, get rid of your television. Try it for a week. If you can't find anything better to do in that time then you're not trying hard enough, then go back to it and enjoy your reality TV. They are out living life while you watch - fun for you! You just have to believe it to be so, and it will be.

I applied the same ideas - and when it started working - THAT was when I couldn't believe it! After two years of this exploration and knowledge gathering (as well as 132 pounds of weight lost), I'd say seeing is believing!

Take a chance on yourself - it will be worth it!


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