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Friday, January 14, 2011

Liver Flush - Final Day

Last evening's liver flush rituals were harder on my brain than they were on my body. I had no trouble downing my epsom salts with water mixture twice - once at 6 pm and then again at 8 pm. It was the 10 pm concoction I dreaded, yet vowed to remain positive and just get through it. This drink included 3/4 cup of olive oil, 3/4 cup of grapefruit juice and 3/4 cup of lemon juice. Shaken well, you are to drink it standing up, then lie down on your right side (knees up to your chest) for 20 minutes. This was the nice part - the olive oil drink....not so much.

In order to get through the drink (I am a huge suck and can talk myself out of anything I really don't want to do) I used visualization techniques that I've been learning over the past couple of years. I imagined something from my 'comfort zone.' In this case, the drink I had to gulp down looked alot like orange juice. I used to love a huge greasy breakfast complete with bacon, eggs, toast, hashbrowns and fruit. I know - typical crappy meal....sue me, I loved it.

So, when I stood there last night with this drink in my hand, this breakfast is what I imagined. I always drank orange juice - it went so well together! So, in my head I visualized that I had just eaten my favorite breakfast and was downing the last of my juice......and before I knew it, that horrid mess of olive oil, grapefruit juice and lemon was gone! I never felt a thing. Yes, I realize I am 38 years old and am still needing to find ways to trick myself. Hey - whatever got that crap down. It was virtually painless and I had a great old fashioned breakfast without the guilt (in my mind).

So, laying down was easy - and I soon fell asleep until this morning. I woke up and had to drink yet another mixture of epsom salts and water. Then another. I did that and waited for what 'they' told me would happen next. It never happened...or should I say, hasn't happened yet.

I can start incorporating fruit juices back into my diet now. The object is to eat lighter at first so your system isn't overloaded. I am without alot of energy, but mentally I feel great!

We have also discovered that people who have had their gallbladders removed should be taking bile salts for the rest of their lives. There is an interesting website on this: AlaskaWellness. If what they say on this website is true, that will mean very good things for me! I had never heard of or been told about bile salts - and I need them for the rest of my life?? It's been 19 years since I had it removed! This alrams me - yet doesn't shock me. Why would they tell me?

Once my gallbladder was removed (and no bile salts added to aide in digestion), my body would then have a hard time dealing with hormones, prescriptions, alcohol, fats, oils, and on and on. They would be stored longer (the liver was then working alone) and during that time reabsorption of any of these elements was possible - and inevitable. No wonder I was so sick! Hormone reabsorption would throw everything off kilter - I'm shocked that I wasn't an insane madwoman. prescriptions - well, hubby has had a theory for awhile that all of the prescribed medications that I had been taking to cure my skin issue had resulted in overload. I tend to believe him these days. He has never steered me wrong and I am well because of him.

I will be investing in CHOLACOL - the bile salt required for those of us who have had our gallbladders stripped from us.

Hubby and I were talking about my gallbladder last night (we're passionate that way) and I told him that I didn't ever recall having an option to have my gallbladder removed. It was just something that was going to happen. I recall being told it had to come out because it would just make more stones anyway.

I was young too, 19 years old - and everyone mentioned how young it was to have gallbladder issues. The concern was genuine - the outlook on the bigger picture was not. The doctor, the surgeon - neither of them said anything more than "Watch what you eat". Bad foods were my good foods. I ate them all, whenever I could. I was aware that weight gain was an issue, but I had the mentality of a food addict - I would eat it if I wanted to. The problem was, I always wanted to. So yes, I watched what I ate - I could see the neon signs of every fast food joint long before I hit the drive thru.

So, here I sit, years later - flushing my liver. It sounds like I'm old. I'm callin it smart. I'm not sure what interesting and unidentifiable things are going to emerge from my liver, but one thing is certain - there's 20 years of gunk in there. I'm taking responsibility for myself and doing things that work - naturally.

The liver flush ends today - and today is supposed to be filled with interesting trips to the throne-room (yes, we have a throne in our kingdom.....don't you?). I'll keep you posted!

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