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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cansema - The Cancer Curing Black Salve

CANCER. That used to be such a scary word for us. CANCER. It instills visions of emaciated doom, a death sentence. Well, I'll tell you - I feel very differently about it now!

When it comes to disease, we can actually guage how 'at risk' for disease we are. The basic way (which we started doing months ago) was to test your Ph levels. This is most easily done by testing the Ph of your urine. It sounds gross, but you peed on a stick during that there pregnancy test you took, didn't you? Your doctor makes you pee in a cup when HE needs to test you. So, why not do it at home if it is possible? All you are doing is eliminating the 'middle man.' If you can accomplish the same task, save money (you can test daily if you choose to!) and find out where you stand immediately - then why wouldn't you?

So, we started testing our urine. In the world of alkalinity versus acidity, our bodies need to be around 7.0. This means we are alkaline. Disease happens around the 5.7 mark. When I first tested myself, I was sitting around 4.5 - well below the 'scary place' of diseases maternity room! I panicked - freaked out. I had no idea about any of this stuff! In my life, everything always focused on weight - never the actual inner workings of the body and how to maintain actual health.

Knowing that I needed to adjust my Ph levels, we started this journey. The great thing about it is that hubby did it with me - his Ph was below 7.0 too - it sat around 5.3.

So while we started eating healthy (basically RAW FOOD), hubby continued to research what kinds of things we could try in order to eliminate my 'skin issue.' We didn't KNOW what it was, but the words 'skin cancer' were starting to become more and more of a reality. CANCER was still a scary word at that point.

Then hubby came across a black salve that claimed it could CURE skin cancer. I still actually believed it was a rarity to cure cancer. We started 'facing' cancer - really understanding what it is, how it works and how you can rid yourself of it. I was stunned. I read everything I could - website after website had cures! They were all saying the same thing! It is POSSIBLE to cure cancer (of all kinds!).

I really didn't care if I had skin cancer or not. It sounds crazy, but I knew there was an arsenal of things I could try if I did. We ordered the salve after lengthy research and anxiously waited.

This salve is created from herbs and works at kick starting your own immune system into fighting skin cancer. You apply the salve on day 1 and leave it on for 24 hours. You rinse it off and reapply for another 24 hours. The salve clings to "abnormal cells" and gets down as deep as the cancer itself goes. Your body then pushes the 'toxins' out of your body via the area this salve is on - and eventually forms a disgusting 'plug' that falls out. There is supposed to be only healthy tissue remaining, and this heals up over time.

I had to try this stuff!

When it arrived, we read on the package that if you do not have skin cancer, then the salve won't do anything. It might make your skin red and irritated, but nothing more.

So, if I didn't have skin cancer - this shouldn't have worked.


I had seen the photos of other people's testimonials.....they were the nastiest pictures I have looked at it a LONG time! Hubby put a litle bit on a mark on his chest that had been there for years. It became red and irritated overnight, but nothing really happened.

The instructions warn you not to put it on more than one area ('spot') at a time because it can be 'uncomfortable.' Again, like most experiences in my life - I didn't listen and tried it my way. I applied it to a spot on my upper left leg (outside of the leg) and an area on my very lower back/ass cheek (right side).

Instructions said if it doesn't start to burn/tingle within 6 hours, chances are you have no skin cancer. My leg and ass caught fire immediately! I was scared but vowed to follow through and see where this would take me.

I am including photos (not to gross people out) because it was an amazing experience and no one will believe me. I took photos daily starting at Day 4 (we never thought we would have to!) - grab your puke bucket!

DAY 1: Applied black salve to left leg. The area was about the size of a dime and the skin wasn't broken. It resembled a small spot of acne (red). Also applied  to a small dime sized area on my right ass cheek (cuz seriously....that one had to go!). These two areas had been this way for years - they just never wanted to heal.

DAY 2: This stuff BURNED! It didn't burn to the point that I couldn't take it, but my leg (and ass cheek!) was HOT to the touch (a sign my body was aggresively fighting something! YAY!) and red and swollen. I couldn't lie on my right side and lying on my left side was worse....and then I understood why you only do one area at a time. HAHA! I pushed through the pain to day 3...and day 4.

DAY 4:  I finally figured out I should be taking photos so I started. By this time, the pain was still there - the redness - swelling - but it wasn't as bad. I could definitely feel it though! Here is what the spot (started out red and acne like) looked like on day 4:

This 'toxic stuff' had already started to seperate from my skin! I researched some more and discovered that the pain was the drawing out (pushing out) of toxins from my body. Once I knew that, I clenched my teeth and dealt with it - GET OUT!

DAY 5:  Here's where it gets gross! This white area was dense - hard like that piece of pork gristle you refuse to eat off of a hunk of meat. It was HARD! Then it broke open on one side and started leaking some nasty shit.

The black area in the photo is the salve. It doesn't stick to healthy skin, and you couldn't have rubbed the stuff that sticks off with a chisel.

This had to be covered all the time (bandages were removed for photos and cleaning only). The white area is the 'forming plug' - and the blood....well, that's blood......gross, huh? I warned you!

DAY 6:  This is the day I almost puked. I woke up - hubby was at work. I could feel something squishy under the bandage on my leg. I had seen the photos of when these white areas fell out of your body - and I didn't really feel like going through this one alone. I had no choice though!

The pain was GONE! When I applied the salve, it started - and as soon as most of the toxins were pushed into this plug-like area, the pain disappeared!!

On day 6 this thing broke loose. The oozing stopped too. It was HANGING out of this seemingly GIANT hole in my leg! I wanted to deal with it and get it out, but we were told not to pull it out prematurely as it wasn't finished its job. When the toxins (skin cancer....whatever) was GONE, the plug would fall out on its own. GROSS! But I waited.....I was excited and terrified about day 7 - HAHA!

DAY 7:  I call day 7 "MY EPIPHANY DAY" I vowed then and there never to trust a doctor unless a magician had accidentally sawed me in half and I required stitches. Even then - I think hubby could figure that one out too. I kid about the medical community, but I can't see me utilizing their professional and responsible services in the future for much of anything. So back to day 7...when it fell out....

This is my left leg. The plug is about to fall out here. No pain....just shock and awe, really.

You really don't know how strong you can be until you have no choice! I stole that saying from somewhere too.....

Once the white area broke loose, I was left with this:

A clean, round open hole that was about 3/4" deep. I FREAKED! I saw it coming, sure - but wow.....to actually see a hole in your leg is just messed up!

Wanna see it again.....from a different angle?? OK....

There's definitely depth there!

On DAY 7 both 'areas' fell out. The one on my butt cheek was harder to deal with - and more disgusting to me (Hey - it IS on my ass cheek, people!). Here is DAY 7.....from the back:

I told you it was horrible!

It looked worse than it felt, believe me.
I saw this and almost lost my lunch - I wanted to examine the hell out of this - or have someone do it for me. What IS IT exactly?

Hanging by a thread of 'whatever', this plug fell out and again, I was left with clean, healthy tissue underneath. No pain, redness or swelling either.

I knew the 'size' of these things were going to come into question. It's hard to tell from photographs sometimes - I getcha!

So, to further disgust you - I took these. Hope it puts it into perspective for you!

You've seen "THE BLOB"
- now meet "THE GLOB!"

About the size of a quarter, I'd say!

Taller than a quarter too.......when I touched these things, they were as hard as rock.

After both fell out - I had a photo session before tossing them into my freezer (for later testing).

I was so glad to have these out! There was no more pain and the area felt great!

DAY 10:

The area had already almost covered over!

I wanted to head to my OLD doctors and slap them all  upside the head once or a thousand times.

DAY 20: Almost healed over completely - there was one little spot in the middle that is the remainder of the larger scab. No infection, no nothing....and all I did was apply a little Vitamin E to help healing.

Currently, I have faded areas where the salve was applied. No further 'issues' with the areas. No reoccurance of anything. Nada! Zip! Hubby, as I mentioned before - put some on a spot on his chest and nothing happened. We then realized he never reapplied it like I did (on Day 2). he did about a month later - and had the same thing happen to his spot as happened to mine. The photos are the same as mine, but I will get to posting his too!

We also gave some to a friend who used it to cure a spot on his dog. Here's the spot:

This was Day 2 of the salve application.

The dog doesn't live with us so photos were difficult to take in stages.
The spot did the same thing mine did - and when we went to take a 'healed' photo - we actually couldn't find where the spot had even been to take one!

So, when people tell me things can't be cured, healed or 'fixed' - I say BAH!! Stop being so close minded and open yourself up to the idea that YOU hold the power. If I hadn't tried this (and hubby found it) - where would I be?

Was it cancer? We don't know - we may never know and we don't care. I have my samples wrapped tightly in the freezer. We initally were on the brink of sending them away....but $200.00+ to name something you got rid of seemed stupid to us. If it was cancer, it's gone. Yes - GONE. Wrap your head around THAT!

If it wasn't cancer - then ITS STILL GONE.

See?? Doesn't matter.

If you'd like to learn more about this salve (there are fakes out there so please do your research!). Beware of the testimonial photos that show people with their faces missing - those are the fakes (we already did the research on it).

Here are some websites to make you think, open your eyes and REALIZE - this is all about how disease can be eradicated from your body! Make a choice!

CANSEMA BLACK SALVE:  http://www.altcancer.com/
THE GERSON CANCER THERAPY: http://www.gerson.org/
RAW FOODS CURE CANCER:  http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/RawFood.html
HEALING CANCER NATURALLY: http://www.healingcancernaturally.com/cancer-diet-and-nutrition.html
SHIRLEY'S WELLNESS CAFE:  http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/index.html


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