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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Popcorn Recipe

Snacks are my thing - well, they used to be. I was an expert snacker and had a plethora of favorites. No more!! I have now been thrown into a world where food is actually confusing the hell out of me (it used to be so easy!). This lifestyle is easier when it comes to eating and creating....but its WHAT to create. We felt so lost.....

I even tried buying 'healthy' snacks - what crap. They still are loaded with chemicals and preservatives. They still make you dumb, fat, useless, tired and bitchy. No offence - but it just seems silly. Sure, I have my 'weak' moments like everyone - but I used to LIVE off this stuff!

I love the fact that people I know are telling me about recipes they're trying (or have tried) and love. That makes ME want to try them! I have already snagged a GREAT Flax bread recipe (thanks, Tracy!) and a bunch of others. One snack....my favorite 'now' snack is popcorn. We started out hot air popping it and eating it plain.....but I soon realized that if I continued this way, I wasn't going to keep eating it for long. It's good for me (it is a seed!) so I wanted to find a healthy way to spiff it up. One day, while at mom and dads - I discovered it! OK, mom GAVE me the recipe so the discovery isn't actually mine. She's a genius when it comes to eating healthy - and together, with hubby's knowledge of how the body works and the chemical reactions within it - we make a great team!

Here is her recipe for popcorn. Easy, good for you - and DELICIOUS!

SPECIAL POPCORN.....wait.....let's rename it. That sounds ridiculous.....


Hot air popped popcorn (use no oils)

Pop your corn and drizzle approximately 1 1/2 tbsps of olive oil over top (not in one spot)
Sprinkle parmesan cheese over the entire mixture
Blend (stir, toss...whatever you do to popcorn)

Eat......and LOVE IT!

Thanks for the recipe, mom!!

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