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Thursday, September 16, 2010

These Old Bones......

When I used to get out of bed (on days when I could actually physically do it), my back was so locked up I wouldn't be able to stand fully upright for about 15 minutes. I was constantly suffering with back pain, sciatica pain and pain in my joints. It had to stop. I agree, weight was also an issue - at 266 pounds it was often difficult to move around. I certainly wasn't proud of THAT!

While we researched the skin issue, we came across so many other wonderful remedies, solutions and suggestions that we incorporated them one at a time to determine effectiveness.

We started taking something called 'glucosamine' - it occurs naturally in your body and is a major building block of cartilage, the rubbery tissue on the ends of your bones.

I no longer wake up with any pain - of any kind. I'm sure if I stopped taking it and eating crappy again, the pain would return. I've felt twinges and aches returning a few times after a couple of days of sliding.....so I tend to remember that and it helps me along.

I was reading about glucosamine in 'The Cure Conspiracy' book we have and it says this,

When you suffer from osteoperosis, you experience major chemical changes and physical breakdowns. For example, you lose the ability to produce healthy cartilage. When the cartilage is gone or deteriorated in a joint, the ends of your bones rub together. That's what hurts.

Here's why glucosamine is a vital weapon in the fight against OA:

1.> It helps produce collagen, which holds your cartilage together.
2.> It decreases harmful chemical activity that destroys your aging cartilage.
3.> It helps make your joints more elastic and shock absorbing.

Natural glucosamine is made of an amino acid plus glucose - a type of sugar. Most supplements are made from the shells of crabs, shrimp, and lobster, and sold as glucosamine sulfate. But according to Dr. Jason Theodasakis, author of  "The Arthritis Crisis" cure, both forms act the same in your body. Since you're limited to how much glucosamine your body can make, supplements seem a smart decision.

Stop Cartilage Loss and Reduce Pain

Many experts say glucosamine is one of the most carefully researched remedies for OA. In fact, 17 major studies have been published since 2000.

One, a well designed, three year trial, tested 202 people with osteoarthritis of the knee. Half took 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine sulfate each day; half took a placebo. Remember because these people suffered with OA, they had less cartilage in their knee, and so a smaller gap between the bones. Researchers used X rays to measure this gap and found those taking the glucosamine regained a tiny amount of joint space each year of the study while the placebo group continued to lose space. This means glucosamine helped save the buffering cartilage in the joint.

In addition, throughout the study, the glucosamine group had less joint pain and stiffness, and no serious side-effects from the supplement.

Because of this and other studies, experts in the field believe glucosamine sulfate is the first medical treatment that actually slows - or perhaps reverses - the development of OA.


Be sure you are not exposing yourself to anything that could potentially cause an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to shellfish, consult your naturopath before starting your glucosamine. Just in case your supplement contains shellfish!

So, basically our bones are 'buffered' with this spongy stuff that keeps the bones from rubbing together. If we could stop the deterioration of that - and the pain that comes along with it - why the hell wouldn't we??

:) organicoddballs@yahoo.ca

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