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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Mr. Christie - Your Cookies Are Crap.

Dear Mr. Christie,

We recently purchased cookies for Santa Claus from your company. We have not personally tasted your cookies since prior to beginning our new, healthier lifestyle a little over two years ago. We hadn't intended to eat these either. We still don't. When we were junk food addicts, your cookies were WONDERFUL! They had flavor, texture and a sort of magic that every cookie eaten by a Mr. Christie fan should enjoy. Your advertising was top notch - getting us to drool just a little each time your commercials appeared on screen to speak to the population. When we were sugar, fat and salt addicts - we didn't know any better. We know now, Mr. C.
Your cookies seem lifeless.....because they are! They appear pressed from a form, no texture.

We aren't certain as to what makes your cookies LOOK like brown lard, but they do. Are those chocloate chips - because we didn't really taste chocolate, just the lard.

The ingredients list was carefully examined by everyone in my household - including our 5 year old.

You have a very disappointed fan these days.

                                               Here is what we found:

What is the need for soy in your chocolate?
Enriched, modified ingredients and vegetable oil. Nice job!
You have successfully created a way of killing us slowly!

Your cookies contain ZERO - NOTHING in the way of nutritional value - but we now know that. There has to be 6 (or more) different types of sugar in your products! Your cookies will ensure the masses remain fat, addicted to sugar and headed for illnesses they won't understand are connected to what you call foods. You will assist them in reducing their brain functions, ability to deal with issues in their lives and brain fog. We pray people don't offer soda in conjunction with your cookies....or milk for that matter!

Two cookies contain 110 calories? Geez!

10% of two cookies is fat? Yuck - no thank you!
Would we be so quick to snap these off the shelves if it listed "lard" instead of fat?

Sodium (salt) content is 80 mg per 2 cookies? Holy crap!

ALL fast food (we have learned) will contain LESS than 1 g of fiber - because it is the fibre you NEED.....so why would you get THAT from food?? Check out any fast food restaurant you go to (minus maybe the salads) - it is the same.

Sugar contect is 9g - where is THAT percentage rating?? This information is confusing!

According to: http://www.wellsphere.com/, kids do require salt (NOT iodized, please use Celtic Sea Salt!) - this is the chart they provide:

less than 1g per day from 0-12 months
2g per day from 1-3 years
3g per day from 4-6 years
5g per day from 7-10 years
6g a day from 11 years

They also say, "Lots of food that is aimed at children can be quite high in salt, so it's very important to check the nutritional information before you buy. The salt content is usually given as figures for sodium. Food that contains 0.6g sodium or more per 100g is a lot, and foods with 0.1g or less per 100g is a little. Cut down on the number of salty snacks your child has, such as chips and cookies, and swap them for low-salt snacks instead. Try dried fruit, raw vegetable sticks and chopped fruit to keep things varied."


From: http://www.ehow.com/

Most everything the body requires in order to operate properly can turn into a negative if the proper amounts are not ingested, whether it be too little or too much. Sodium is one of those products that can have severe consequences, especially if too much is ingested. Too much sodium can cause swelling or bloating of the extremities. This is primarily because the kidneys are responsible for eliminating salt from the body, and if there is too much salt, the kidneys cannot eliminate it fast enough and you will get fluid retention. The fluid retention is also capable of building around the heart. This will cause the heart to not be able to beat and function properly, which can cause high blood pressure, congestive heart failure or even strokes and heart attacks.

Can you say INSANITY??? Mr. Christie, I am disappointed and appalled!

Do you have children you care about? Do they consume your treats too? Perhaps you are simply unaware of the fact that your goodies are actually poison. We hope you are oblivious to this fact, because if you knew - what would that say?

At almost $4.00 per 350 gram bag - it appears that this is going to be a GREAT Christmas for your family! I suppose all of that space foil packaging you're using now (to preserve your cookies to last 10,000 years....what is IN that stuff?) is a great invention for your company. The vibrant, alluring colors that snag the attention of everyone under 13 is genius! Our child cannot go through a grocery store without mentioning cookies, ice-cream, chips or cake. We avoid all of these things now - so thank you!

We also know that 'Mr. Christie' is really the KRAFT company - AKA Nabisco. Apparently, even your factories have their own issues: Bad Blood Preceeded Kraft Plant Killings. They were spraying a female co-worker with chemicals and talking behind her back for years? This doesn't seem like appropriate behavior to us! We realize that trouble occurs in the workplace - but what effects are those chemicals having on your employees? Have you ever checked into this? She suffered through this for years? Interesting - was it ever brought up?

We are grateful that the 'Smart Choices' program is on hold, though - the products included were full of sugar and fat - we couldn't see how Cocoa Krispies made the list but hey - we're just the consumers. Perhaps you simply think we are mindless eaters.....nah...you wouldn't think that, would you? We realize your desire for the dollar, but please realize our desire to live - be well and eat food that was meant to nourish us and create happy people!

So, Mr. Christie - with your seemingly nature loving elfish cookie creators, you can take your double chocolate cookies and use them as hockey pucks, paper weights or doorstops. Sadly, we are applying the same rule to all of your products (Keebler, Peppridge Farms, etc). We have been paying attention to the ingredients lists. My family is not interested in your fake, disease creating 'food.' Yes, we used to purchase these items - and yes, we did so again once for a purpose other than eating them......because they are NOT delectible and nutritious. We don't even consider them edible!

If ever I need a bunch of small, dark and chemically laden tasteless discs, I WILL choose your double chocolate cookies....so I guess there is a little good news.

Our promise to you is that you will not be allowed to contaminate our household with your garbage any longer. We refuse to allow it. We hope others refuse too - maybe then you could make a cookie that looks great, tastes fabulous and is nutritionally benefitial to our bodies. Treats are NOT treats if they lead to dis-ease and kill you. Just sayin.

Love and Kisses,

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